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Automated real estate transaction management platform to manage tasks, documents, communication, and visibility of the transaction for your team.

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About Open To Close

Open To Close is a fully customizable and automated transaction management platform that streamlines communication, task management, and document management. Open To Close provides a seamless API integration with Follow Up Boss to enable real time synchronization of data between the two applications.

How does Open To Close Work with Follow Up Boss?

By connecting your Follow Up Boss account to Open To Close, you are able to seamlessly push transaction data from Open To Close into Follow Up Boss. The two API’s are connected behind the scenes, so any changes you make inside of Open To Close will be relayed to Follow Up Boss in real time.

With this integration you are able to…

Create New Deal:

You are able to create a new Follow Up Boss "Deal" directly from inside of Open To Close. Once you create a new transaction inside of Open To Close, you can then push the deal directly into the Follow Up Boss deal pipeline and assign it to one or more contacts.

Sync Transaction Content:

You are able to send all content from Open To Close into one or more Follow Up Boss contact records. For example, if you send an email out of Open To Close, you are able to create a reference of that email inside of Follow Up Boss (complete with email subject, body, contacts, and attachments). You are also able to sync notes, text messages, and fields back to Follow Up Boss as they are created or updated inside of Open To Close.

Follow Up Boss Widget:  

Via the Open To Close widget inside of Follow Up Boss, you are able to add all transaction content such as: contacts, documents, dates, details, tasks, and notes. If you make any changes to any of these options, they will be updated automatically inside of the widget.

Import Contacts:

If you are working inside of an Open To Close transaction, you can easily import any contact from your Follow Up Boss account.

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