Pinterest lead forms powered by Driftrock

Driftrock’s Pinterest lead ads help you capture and track more leads from Pinterest. Create Pinterest optimised lead forms for your Pinterest Ads campaigns to generate more leads.

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Pinterest lead forms powered by Driftrock

Capture & convert more real estate leads

Generate more enquiries from Pinterest and many other lead sources

Driftrock customers typically see a 50% lower cost per lead. 

  • Create high-performing Pinterest Lead Generation forms.
  • Sync leads directly to your Follow Up Boss account to respond quickly.
  • Automatically validate leads before sending data to Follow Up Boss to avoid wasting time contacting unqualified leads. 
  • Track every Pinterest lead by source, campaign, keyword and ad in the Driftrock reporting dashboard. 

Capture more leads from Pinterest

Driftrock makes it easy for you to capture and convert more leads from your Pinterest paid and organic marketing campaigns.

  • Driftrock’s Pinterest Lead Generation ads typically offer a 50% lower cost per lead than sending to your website. They are quick to load, seamless and similar to Pinterest branding. 
  • With Driftrock, you can connect all your Pinterest forms to Follow Up Boss in minutes. 
  • Add the Pinterest pixel to your Driftrock forms without any coding required to track and optimize for leads. 

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