Propy is a transaction platform that enables agents to easily manage all phases of a sale online, in a secure, transparent environment.

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Real estate offer and transaction management platform

Propy empowers agents to manage offers online while keeping sellers and buyers in the loop and enables them to easily manage all phases of a sale online in a secure, blockchain-based environment.

Follow Up Boss and Propy

Connect Propy to automatically sync transactions and track deal progress.

How do I set up an integration with Follow Up Boss?
On Propy Premiere and if you are an Administrator, navigate to Administration/Integrations. Click on  Follow Up Boss, then obtain your API Key. Every user in Follow Up Boss has a unique API Key that can be obtained from the “Admin” -> “API” screen. Note that when an account expires, it enters a grace period, however, the API key remains valid. API key has the same access level as the user whom the key belongs to.

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