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Real Synch helps create automated workflows and integrations between real estate software platforms.

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Real Synch

Easily integrate and automate your real estate team’s workflow with Real Synch—smart, adaptive technology designed for busy real estate agents and their teams to streamline their workflow.

Real Synch’s real estate workflow automation software was built in collaboration with residential real estate brokers and teams. Their tailored integrations and automations help teams of all sizes save time, lower costs, and loose the headaches of working within multiple systems.

How it works

Real estate agents use a myriad of software systems. Real Synch connects those systems and automates tasks from lead to close, saving you time. And you can get started in four simple steps.

Step 1: Select your source.

Step 2: Select your target. Choose the system you’d like to connect your source to.

Step 3: Input your credentials.

Step 4: Activate!

Learn more about the Real Synch & Follow Up Boss integration here!

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