RealScout helps agents effectively stay connected with leads, sphere of influence and past clients to close more deals.

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Engage buyers in a collaborative home search experience 

  • Industry-best buyer search environment keeps clients connected without distractions from ads or other agents 
  • Know when clients change their minds about preferences, location or price 
  • Accurate listings with every field from your MLS

Power listing presentations with real-time market data

  • Create data-driven listing presentations to include market demand and pricing insights 
  • Share data from high-intent home buyers actively searching with agents
  • Evaluate buyer demand to determine potential reach in your market

Build trust with reports showing buyer demand

  • Make data-driven decisions on pricing or leverage this data to power negotiations 
  • Nurture prospects and leads with automated market alerts. Advise them when conditions are right to sell

How Follow Up Boss and RealScout work together

Seamlessly add leads to RealScout and record activity in Follow Up Boss

  • Sync leads from Follow Up Boss into RealScout and keep those records up-to-date with the latest activity. 
  • Automates lead import and captures SOI contacts into RealScout to engage and nurture with relevant content. 
  • Client activity on RealScout is pushed into Follow Up Boss so agents can identify their most active clients and focus on closing transactions.
  • Manage lead assignment in Follow Up Boss. Lead assignment changes will automatically transfer to the assigned agent in RealScout.

Track client activity immediately from either platform

Lead syncing: Follow Up Boss -> RealScout

Contacts automatically populate in the client dashboard. From there, agents can set up alerts and track search activity, emails opened and listings viewed. 

Any changes made in Follow Up Boss will be reflected in your RealScout account, including: 

  • Updates to a contact record 
  • Deleting a lead 
  • Transfering a lead

Lead syncing: RealScout -> Follow Up Boss

Once the integration is enabled in RealScout, client activity data will automatically be pushed from RealScout to Follow Up Boss. 

The system currently pushes the following data types: 

  • Property views 
  • Marking a property as interested (includes links to the individual listings) 

Follow Up Boss will push activity into the existing lead’s profile or create a new lead if the record does not exist.

How to setup RealScout with Follow Up Boss

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