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Why rent a piece of your market when you can own it all?

Founded in 2016, is the only national real estate search portal that provides exclusive brand licensing for real estate professionals. Their mission is to empower consumers with the most comprehensive real estate search experience while connecting home buyers and sellers with premium exclusive agents. 

Your City. Your Website

With lifetime relationships in mind, builds bonds between home buyers and sellers, agents, and mortgage lenders to provide the solutions and professional guidance needed while searching for residential or commercial real estate.

How it works:

With the Follow Up Boss and integration, it's easy to establish automated action plans. And with the real time data feeds, you will see when and how a lead is interacting with the website so you can better plan your direct outreach, whether that comes through text, email or phone. provides a broad mix of lead types from traditional Buyers and Sellers, to Sellers looking to cash out quickly–making it important to segment your automation plans around each so that you are speaking to the individual lead in context of their current timeline and motivation.

When visitors are actively on site, looking at properties, saving searches, and actively engaging they are more likely to take a phone call or respond to a text, especially when it is personalized to their needs and desires.

Real-time leads:

With the Real Time Lead Engine, you are given similar access to visitor interactions in real time, similar to what you might receive from your direct IDX website. Since all property views, property saves, and saved property searches are passed into your Follow Up Boss account it's easy to establish a view of what your visitor is looking for and then establish or configure saved searches directly.

  1. In cases where a lead registers on your profile and a lead with the same email address already exists, the lead is assigned to the same agent to whom they’re already assigned in the backend.
  2. When leads view listings on your backend, details about those viewed listings are automatically pushed through to your dashboard in real time.
  3. When leads request info or submit a showing request on your backend, details about those requests are automatically pushed through to the dashboard in real time.
  4. The city and state detected for each lead in are automatically pushed through to the lead record in the dashboard.
  5. Each lead in the dashboard will have a link to view details of that lead in
  6. Each lead is segmented into a clear buyer or seller designation. This allows you to easily create action plans, and lead flow rules that better manage automations for the lead type.

Improve your workflow compliments your existing workflows. There's no need to login to other portals, it's all at your fingertips in real-time within your Follow Up Boss account.

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