RealtyNinja has been creating awesome websites for busy Canadian REALTORS® for 8 years. We’ve created thousands of gorgeous, lead-generating websites for customers over the years – many of whom are still with us since 2010 and 2011.

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About RealtyNinja

RealtyNinja has been creating awesome websites for busy Canadian REALTORS® for 8 years. We’ve created thousands of gorgeous, lead-generating websites for customers over the years – many of whom are still with us since 2010 and 2011.

We don’t think REALTORS® should spend all day sitting behind a computer trying to get their website to play nice. Our website software is incredibly user-friendly and is connected to every major real estate board across Canada (and DDF!) We automatically show your board’s listings on your website, and update them multiple times per day!

It’s completely free to create a trial site, and you never have to pay a penny until you actually launch your site live. Also, our support team will take care of most the heavy lifting for you, for free – including a free website setup!

If you’re on the prowl for an awesome REALTOR® website solution that integrates with your favourite CRM – Follow Up Boss – then look no further:

How the RealtyNinja Integration Works


Your RealtyNinja website has a primary function: to capture lead data.

Visitors can submit their information to the website owner in various ways:

  • Through any of the Forms built into the site (Contact, Buyers, Sellers)
  • Through any listing page via “Request more Info” and “Request a Showing” call to actions
  • By clicking the “Subscribe to Email Notifications” call to action on any MLS page

By default, these leads get sent to the website owner’s email inbox. However, if you are a RealtyNinja website owner and also a Follow Up Boss CRM user, now leads who submit their info via forms on your site can automatically be entered into your Follow Up Boss CRM.


Note: If you are using any 3rd party lead-capture widgets on your RealtyNinja website (such as email opt-in forms or chatbots) the leads who submit their information through those 3rd party forms will NOT be entered into Follow Up Boss. This integration is exclusively for RealtyNinja’s built-in lead capture forms.

Data that’s transferred via the RealtyNinja integration

When a lead enters their information into a form on RealtyNinja, the following data gets automatically sent to your integrated Follow Up Boss account:

  • First & Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Last Activity
  • Time
  • Stage
  • Assigned Agent

If a lead subscribes to a Saved Search, then the criteria of the search that they subscribed to will be automatically sent to Follow Up Boss as an “Email” associated with that lead.

View a Step-by-Step guide to integrating your RealtyNinja site with Follow Up boss.

How to Get Results From the RealtyNinja Integration

As we continue to improve and evolve our CRM integration with Follow Up Boss, automation will become much more standard.

For the time being, there are ways that you can manually take action to leverage your RealtyNinja integration to earn you the best results.

  1. Once a website lead has been created in Follow Up Boss, go and update that lead with as much information as possible. Add background info, any notes, add tags, and also make sure all the information is in the right place. For instance, the Saved Search criteria might be in an Email associated with a lead… but you want to take that info and make it a note instead! A little manual housekeeping will go a long way when your CRM is full of 1,000’s of leads.
  2. Create “Action Plans” in Follow Up Boss that automatically begin sending text messages, drip emails or creating follow up tasks in your calendar based on your website leads actions. For instance: You have a contact form on a “Home Evaluation” page of your RealtyNinja website. Someone fills out the data and submits… a couple minutes later they get an automated text message from Follow Up Boss, thanking them and saying their evaluation will be ready within 24 hours. More about Action Plans.
  3. This integration between RealtyNinja and Follow Up Boss is only going to be effective if you’re actually sending traffic to your website. No traffic = no leads = no point even having CRM integration! So with that said, the number one way to get results from your RealtyNinja integration is by providing value to a niche audience through your website. Pick an audience, market directly to them through your site, produce content for them (not for the general public,) and begin attracting relevant traffic to your REALTOR® website.

RealtyNinja & Follow Up Boss are extremely powerful TOOLS for maximizing your business opportunities, but they are still just tools, like a hammer or a race car. A race car without a driver can’t win any races… a website without traffic can’t generate any leads… a CRM without any leads can’t generate any $$$$$!

What makes RealtyNinja special?

Our primary strength comes from our team of amazing individuals. While it’s not easy for another company to create a software that emulates what RealtyNinja can technically achieve, nobody will be able to duplicate or emulate our amazing family of inspired, motivated, talented Ninjas.


RealtyNinja is a thriving Canadian tech company that has been growing and evolving consistently since our launch in 2010. Everything we do is accomplished effectively and efficiently via phone call, email & live chat by our highly focused and capable support & dev teams. If it wasn’t for the quality and high caliber of our people, RealtyNinja would not have made it this far as a remote company with no physical offices.

We are now in our 8th year in business and are growing every month. Our customer happiness reports, NPS survey scores and Facebook & Google reviews speak to how satisfied our customers have been with our team of Ninjas over the years. While our website software is extremely powerful (and is getting better every month) an overwhelming majority of the feedback we receive is in the form of gratitude towards our team – their ability to work fast, provide results, and do so in a friendly and approachable way.


If you’re a real estate agent who is in need of a new website, we invite you to come give RealtyNinja a try. Experience the difference of working with a group of highly motivated, and extremely skilled Ninjas who are happy to serve you (and don’t have to deal with traffic or cubicles every day!)

How does RealtyNinja’s service work? What can agents expect?

All RealtyNinja websites come fully equipped with various lead capture features. Some of these lead capture features can be dragged and dropped into any page of your real estate website with a few simple clicks. For instance, a home evaluation form, a buyers form, or a simple contact form can be added to any area on any layout.

RealtyNinja websites also have the capability to create an unlimited number of marketing landing pages, which can also employ these drag-and-drop lead capture widgets.


Other more important lead capture features are baked right into every single one of the MLS® listings on your RealtyNinja website. Every listing on your site comes with highly visual “Request More Info” & “Request a Showing” call to actions, right near the top of the listing page.


Furthermore, any page on your RealtyNinja website where you’re showcasing MLS® listings contains a nifty “Subscribe to Email Alerts”function. This option will give visitors on your website the chance to subscribe to a feed of listings by submitting their email address. Subscribers of a feed will receive an email update every 24 hours announcing new listings that match the MLS® criteria they’ve subscribed to.


If you’re looking for more lead capture functionality on your site, there is also plenty you can do by embedding 3rd party form building tools such as Wufoo or mailing list apps such as Mailchimp onto your site.

What are the top ways that real estate agents can benefit from using RealtyNinja?

Every real estate agent in 2019 and beyond should have their own web presence where they provide value to visitors while showcasing their unique brand. The only web presence you actually own online is your website domain, and it’s important to begin ranking on search engines for said URL. The growth rate of Canadians using the internet for everything from watching movies to browsing for real estate is growing at a staggering rate, and real estate agents MUST keep up to stay relevant and competitive.

Since 2010, RealtyNinja has been providing real estate agents with the confidence and capability to stay ahead of the curve with their website marketing. With a RealtyNinja website, agents can rely on us for everything from website setup & design to day-to-day website management & support. Our state of the art software is constantly being updated to provide more (and better) features which help agents remain competitive in the “attention economy” we live in today.

In January 2018 we released “Katana” which was the latest version of our software, capable of building custom layouts using a modular widget platform. Whether you’re editing the site yourself, or leaving it up to our design & support Ninjas, no two RealtyNinja sites have to look alike!


Not only can a RealtyNinja website help turn heads your way, it also provides powerful MLS® automation and lead capture functionality which can grow and sustain any Canadian REALTORS® business. Whether you’re looking for a digital business card, a real estate blog, a lead farming tool, or a fully dynamic web presence that represents your PREC, Brokerage, Brand or Team Site – RealtyNinja has you covered from end to end.

Oh, and I forgot to mention, with a RealtyNinja account, you are on a free trial period for as long as you need to get your site setup. Once you launch your site live, you are paying just $79 per month or $828 per year for the annual plan ($120 savings!) Forget about heavy up-front fees and investments, this is the most Ninja way to get your real estate business online – quickly!

What one piece of advice would you give to ambitious real estate agents looking to succeed?

As a real estate agent, the moment you get your license you are competing with seasoned veterans in the industry. There are agents out there with deeper pockets, bigger networks and decades of experience, who are trying to take a piece of your market. There is no farm league – you’re up against the ‘Gretzky’s’ of the industry from day one.

If you’re an ambitious (new or veteran) agent looking to succeed, find creative ways to leverage online tools to optimize and grow your business quickly. It will take consistency and effort, but for relatively little financial and time investment you can easily compete with [other] veterans in your market. Use tools and tactics such as video marketing, social media, CRM software (Follow Up Boss!,) email marketing, SEO (aka search engine optimization,) and a mostly-automated real estate website – like a RealtyNinja site – to expand your reach and grow your leads quickly and efficiently.

Most real estate agents out there still don’t have their own website domain, YouTube channel, Instagram profile, blog, mailing list, etc. By adopting these digital marketing tools you will begin earning credibility and business at an accelerated rate. Always feel free to check out The Dojo (our Realtor® Marketing Blog) for educational articles, useful ebooks, free downloads and more helpful resources, to assist you along the way.


What separates you from competitors?

One of the biggest struggles Realtors® face with their website providers is support & maintenance. Us Ninjas understand that real estate agents are not all tech wizards or web designers. Most agents just need someone to take care of managing their web presence so that they don’t have to worry about yet another (technical) item on the list.

At RealtyNinja, we take the support experience to a whole new level. We provide a free basic website setup service, where our support ninjas will set up your website pages and migrate content completely free – before you ever enter any credit card information. Simply provide our team with some information and the content you want on the site and we’ll take care of inputting them all. We will also take care of launching your website at whenever you’re ready to go live.

Once your site is launched, our support team is always here to assist you with anything related to your website. Ninjas work fast!

If you’re more of a technically savvy agent who likes to get hands-on, that’s totally possible! You can simply login to your website back-end at any time to make changes and manage your listings on your own as well. The software is extremely intuitive and easy to use, plus we have built a whole database of helpful documentation that will assist you when making changes to your site.


By the way, everything I’ve mentioned above is included in your monthly or annual subscription price. No extra fees for support, no nickel-and-diming you for extra features. When we say our website subscriptions are $79 per month or $828 per year, annually, we mean it.

We can confidently say that RealtyNinja support is top of the line when it comes to the real estate website industry in Canada. And our customer testimonials echo that. Here’s one we received last week from Gerald Kelly, one of our long-time customers:

“Dealing with RealtyNinja has been by far the best experience I have had with any company in 2018. They are incredibly responsive to their customers needs, while delivering on their promises with both precision and speed. Their staff are both extremely knowledgeable and very personable. In short, I believe this is a fantastic company and wish them all kinds of success.”

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