Relitix is a data provider to real estate brokerages and teams. Relitix uses data science applications such as machine learning, data visualization and big data analytics to convert MLS data into insights aimed at enhanced agent recruitment and retention.

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Since its inception, Relitix has quickly grown to become the industry leader in using data science and AI predictive analytics in brokerage management. Relitix's solutions have been meticulously designed with the knowledge and expertise of real estate industry veterans. Relitix wraps it all up in the best data visualization technology, encouraging efficient exploration and allowing the user to pull actionable insights quickly and easily.

How Relitix helps their clients sleep better

  • We provide agent specific coaching cues and at-a-glance trend data, helping you to stay better connected to your agents and leading to higher-than-average retention rates.
  • Our AI Monthly Reporting allows you to establish user defined criteria to identify specific agents for recruitment. These reports are delivered directly to your team and will match agents recruits to the best office to be recruited into, further simplifying the recruiting process.
  • We use a proprietary grading system to evaluate agents on a variety of metrics revealing the agents that are truly the best at what they do.
  • Identify and recruit the most talented newer agents using our AI powered ‘Rookie Rating’, which identifies up-and-comers in your market.
  • Our first-of-its-kind “Switch Risk” flags agents that are most likely to make an office change within the next 3 months. This insight is a powerful tool in guiding recruitment efforts as well as forming the foundation of a successful agent retention program.
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