Roopler’s AI-Technology generates action-ready leads.

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Roopler reduces the risk of lead buying by providing the nation's top agents with a powerful turnkey platform that integrates seamlessly with Follow Up Boss, strategically designed to close deals more quickly and at a lower cost.

How Roopler Works

AI-Based Technology Driving Lead Generation

Roopler was developed with real estate agents in mind by brokers and industry experts who know that lead generation is about much more than acquiring a phone number. As a result, Roopler not only generates leads but continues to nurture them over time.

  • Roopler acquires leads from multiple search and social media platforms through strategically placed ads. 
  • When the consumers engage with the ads, the Roopler system collects the data through forms and supportive AI-based technology.
  • The data is then sent in real-time to the brokers, teams, and agents and to their CRM systems – Follow Up Boss. This allows for a more knowledgeable conversation about the consumer.
  • Roopler consistently engages and re-engages with the consumer for the brokers, teams, and agents, allowing for maximum lead retention.
  • The consumer’s search criteria and every property viewed are stored in the CRM, allowing brokers, teams, and agents to engage at a more educated and personal level with the consumer.
  • Brokers, teams, and agents are equipped with the tools they need to efficiently meet the specific needs and wants of the consumer, allowing for a consistently higher conversion rate.

Intelligent Lead Generation

Roopler’s AI technology interacts with the consumer to obtain important information about the homebuyer’s wants and needs. This process equips brokers, teams, and agents with data from our intelligent lead forms and supportive AI technology. This data allows the brokers, teams, and agents to have knowledgeable and more personalized conversations with the homebuyer.

How Roopler Works with Follow Up Boss

Roopler and Its AI Chatbot, Ashley, Allow for Fast and Informative Lead Communication 

Roopler leads enter into Follow Up Boss through our proprietary integration and are identified as Roopler-generated leads.

Ashley Engages in AI-Driven Chat with Lead

Lead engages with “Ashley,” Roopler’s AI, prompting a conversation to acquire valuable information about the homebuyer’s wants and needs. This allows the agent to be knowledgeable and have more personalized conversations with the homebuyer. 

Agent's Access to Ashley

Once the agent clicks ‘access full chat’, they will have the ability to view the complete conversation and take it over where Ashley left off.

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What customers are saying

“Being ranked as the #1 Team in California for Most Homes Sold in 2020, we have had an opportunity to onboard all aspects of real estate lead generation services. We made the jump to Roopler because we found the lead world is always changing, and we were looking for an alternative to support the future growth of our organization. We had the opportunity to get onboard with Roopler early and lockdown markets that are very important to us. We have had a great experience with Roopler in both lead volume and quality, and we are very happy with the service and support that we have been getting from them.“

Suneet Agarwal, CEO, Best Sac Homes Group at Big Block Realty North
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