Premium, white labeled mobile application for Realtors and their clients.

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The premium white labeled client app

Own your clients’ experience. All in one, all with your branding.

Own your client’s experience.

Stand out and provide your clients the technology they expect. Provides them approachable educational content, comprehensive budgeting tools, an ability to save and rate properties, book tours, store notes and pictures, get in touch with your preferred local vendors, and more all in one place, all for free.

Integrates with Follow Up Boss to easily provide you status updates on client activity, track and organize your pipeline, centralize all of your client communication in one searchable feed for each client, and helps you build relationships with your preferred local vendor network.

Ruuster Buyer Experience

Access Ruuster activity directly in FUB

The type of activity Ruuster tracks includes client messages, property views, tour requests, vendor referral interactions, budget tool activity and more. This activity will be stored directly inside your FUB client profile and through the integration it will appear in real time.

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