Sisu streamlines the real estate transaction process, pulling in key data from your CRM into actionable dashboards, reports, & automations.

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About Sisu

Sisu streamlines the real estate transaction process, pulling in key data from Follow Up Boss and other sources to put it into actionable dashboards, reports, and automations. The use cases are unique for three different levels of your business:

  • Your leadership team can set goals with agents and hold them accountable to those goals, using data pulled in from your CRM. You’ll have vision into your business and profitability, and tools like contests and TV-designed leaderboards to drive your business where it needs to go.
  • Your agents will have a simple view of where they are at, and what they need to do to progress towards their goals. 
  • Your operations team can run full transaction management in Sisu, starting with a baseline of Follow Up Boss data. This eliminates spreadsheets and duplicate data entry, while creating tasks and automations that take transactions from contract to close. 

How Sisu and Follow Up Boss work together

The Sisu integration is provided through a partnership with Through the integration, Follow Up Boss and Sisu users can feed key data such as conversations, dials, texts sent, emails, etc into Sisu to measure their teams performance vs. goals and create competitions.

Either through an embedded app or custom built webforms that live in custom Follow Up Boss fields, users can pass data from leads over into Sisu to kick off a transaction management process. 

Learn more

If you’re interested in the Sisu integration and are not on Sisu already, you can schedule a time with a Sisu expert at to walk you through any questions you have. From there, Sisu helps you get moving on the integration and connects you with datalabz. 

If you are already on Sisu, you can reach out to our support via to get details and support with implementation. 

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