Motivate and encourage your agents to greater productivity in a fun work environment with gamification.

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Spinify pulls data directly from your Follow Up Boss account and turns it into real-time competitions

The real estate industry requires agents to do lots of repetitive tasks in order to be successful. Spinify helps you focus their already competitive behaviors on the right activities for success.

Motivate your agents in a visible way

Gamification and motivational psychology are applied to leaderboards to encourage all your agents to greater productivity in a fun work environment. As a team leader, you can monitor agent performance in a highly visible way. Choose the metrics you want your reps to improve on, and allow Spinify to drive the change.

Run competitions between agents to build excitement

How it works

With the Spinify integration, you can track activities like:

  • Appointments made
  • Calls connected
  • Deals won
  • Birthday celebrations
  • Tasks completed
  • And much more.

Leaderboards are displayed in a browser, on the office TV or on a mobile app. For remote workers, use the Spinify chrome extension to see when colleagues make sales, hit milestones, and celebrate achievements.

Group Agents together in teams to build collaboration
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