Structurely engages leads at scale with long-term follow-up and two-way qualifying conversations with leads over text and email.

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Put lead follow-up and qualification on autopilot with Structurely

Structurely immediately engages leads from Follow Up Boss over text messages and email, and follows up with them for over 12+ months until they respond. Then Structurely's AI Assistant has a two-way qualifying conversation to ultimately set a qualified appointment for you.

Structurely customers see an average 21x ROI due to Structurely's 57% response rate and 17% lead qualification rate. 

99.9% of the nearly 10 million leads Structurely has processed believe they're talking to a real human, because the conversations have empathy, are extremely humanlike, and feel like talking to a professional.

How to manage Structurely conversations in Follow Up Boss

Structurely has an embedded app with Follow Up Boss which is easy to install through your Follow Up Boss API key.

Then, there are four key features of the integration:

Enroll leads into Structurely using Tags

Using the Embedded App itself, or Tags in Follow Up Boss, you can pick which conversation you want to enroll FUB leads into Structurely with. 

See the AI + lead conversation

AI and lead messages are automatically added to the FUB activity timeline, or shown in the Embedded App so you can watch the conversations in real-time.

Take over the conversation

Mute the AI at any time from the Embedded App or by removing the "Structurely: Active" tag.

See what Stage your leads are qualified in by Structurely

When a lead responds or is ultimately qualified, Structurely will add tags like "Structurely: Needs Agent Follow up" so you can create saved lists and automations to get notified of qualified leads.

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