Structurely's conversational AI technology is leading the way in sales and marketing, structuring conversations to engage leads at scale.

About Structurely

Structurely's conversational AI technology is leading the way in sales and marketing, structuring conversations to engage leads at scale. With two-way conversation, their AI Assistant engages online prospects, qualifies them for a personalized experience, and nurtures these lead relationships through intelligent engagement.

Structurely’s AI Assistant immediately engages leads via messaging in under 2 minutes and nurtures buyer, seller, renter, and other leads until they’re qualified for an agent to handle.

How Structurely Works

When a lead comes in from any online lead source, such as Follow Up Boss or Zillow, Structurely’s AI Assistant immediately messages the lead based on their lead type and other preferences.


Agents and admins have the ability to jump into these conversations and take them over at any time. With Structurely’s web, iOS and Android apps, agents can “mute the Assistant” to claim the lead at any point, while all important data, such as the lead’s time frame, prior agent status, financing status, buyer preferences, and more, are all automatically extracted and updated.

How to Maximize your Investment in Online Leads with Structurely

Getting the ROI you desire on online leads requires having the right systems in place for scalable, personal, and consistent follow-up.

Studies done by Harvard Business Review have proven that your chances of converting a lead drop 21x if you don’t engage a new lead within 5 minutes.

Another study by Lead Simple has proven that 80% of real estate agents stop following-up with leads after the 3rd attempt.

Structurely’s AI Assistant immediately engages leads within 2 minutes of registering from any online lead source. The Assistant then continues to message the lead 15 times over 3 months to get them to engage.

The best part, when that lead finally engages after 2 months, the Assistant jumps in immediately to warm them up for you.  

How Structurely Integrates with Follow Up Boss

Structurely directly integrates with Follow Up Boss using the API key found in the Admin Settings in Follow Up Boss.


To set up the integration, you will also need an account with Structurely. Once a Structurely account has been created you can add the API Key from your Follow Up Boss account.

Once the integration setup is complete. All lead records in Follow Up Boss will now have the entire conversation record Structurely’s AI Assistant has with leads, listed in the notes section.


NOTE: If you’re using Follow Up Boss as a team or brokerage, Structurely will reflect the lead routing and assignment rules you already have set up in Follow Up Boss.

For example:

  • You (the admin) have Round Robin lead routing set up to route Zillow leads to your buyer agents
  • When a new Zillow lead comes in that lead is assigned to Agent 1
  • Assuming yourself (the admin) and Agent 1 (buyers agent) also have Structurely accounts that lead will be assigned to Agent 1 in Structurely as well so AI Assistant can appropriately reference the agent it’s working on behalf of