Witly is an automated advertising platform that helps real estate agents convert more clients with remarketing ads.

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About Witly

Witly is an automated advertising platform that makes it easier for you to run Facebook ads so you can spend less time running ads and more time generating new clients in your business. 

Witly helps you achieve consistent client conversion through dynamic video remarketing ads. Simply create a video, upload it to Witly, write your ad copy, and Witly will promote your video content to your leads in Follow Up Boss. 

Using remarketing with Witly can increase your conversion rate as much as 300% for each lead source you are currently using and when you create a Witly account you’ll gain immediate access to a marketing coach to help you strategize what videos you should put in place! 

How Witly works with Follow Up Boss

When you connect your Follow Up Boss account to Witly, Witly will automatically match your Follow Up Boss stages to a list created for you in Witly.

Once done, you can click the Facebook icon and Witly will build and manage your custom audiences in your Facebook Ad account so that you can market different types of remarketing videos to your contacts based on where they are at in the process with you. 

Whether you’re trying to convert new leads and need a more efficient and inexpensive way to get in front of them or you want more referrals from your database. 

Witly puts you right in front of your contacts on Facebook and Instagram with ads designed to help you convert them and the best part of all of this is that you can set it and forget it. Once your accounts are connected and your ads are in place, both Follow Up Boss and Witly work together to manage your ads so you don’t have to! 

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