Get unbeatable speed to lead

We all know that you need to call a lead within 5 minutes to have the best chance of conversion. Follow Up Boss and Ylopo partnered to build a rock-solid direct integration so your Ylopo leads hit Follow Up Boss in real time.

Follow up automatically

Once your Ylopo leads are in Follow Up Boss, they get started on special Action Plans we created in partnership with Ylopo (you can customize them, of course). YPriority Alerts instantly show you your best opportunities and automatically create relevant tasks and tags.

Engage leads with AI texting

Use Ylopo Raiya AI to engage and qualify your new leads for you. Every AI conversation syncs over to Follow Up Boss so you can take over seamlessly when the time is right.
"In 90 days, we've already tripled the production of what the team did in an entire year. Using the system that's in front of them, they're able to dial it in, organize it, and do what they gotta do."
Barry Jenkins

See every Ylopo insight

All your Ylopo activity appears in Follow Up Boss so you can easily use it to personalize conversations. And Follow Up Boss is the only CRM to make your Ylopo data available in a mobile app.*

*iOS only

Reactivate old leads with ease

Have a database of old leads? The Ylopo-Follow Up Boss integration seamlessly syncs all your leads over to Ylopo so they can be part of retargeting, AI texting and everything else you do in Ylopo.
We’re adding roughly 10,000 leads per month into Ylopo and we’ve seen about 10% of them come alive again. Even leads that came in three or four years ago are engaging. It’s like having an extra 1,000 new leads per week.“
Robert Slack
Co-Owners, Robert Slack, LLC

Use any website you want

Don't get locked into one system. Follow Up Boss supports every major IDX website provider, so changing your website doesn’t mean changing your CRM. Place the Follow Up Boss Pixel on any website and track visitor activity in Follow Up Boss.

Organize all your leads

Do you generate leads from multiple sources? Like to experiment with different advertising to see what works? Follow Up Boss integrates with over 200 lead providers. Stop logging in to multiple systems, get all your leads in one place, and sync them with Ylopo for retargeting, AI texting and more.

Collaborate seamlessly, convert more

Follow Up Boss is designed to help your team work together and work smarter. We’ll help you route leads, respond efficiently with Team Inbox and have seamless conversations with integrated email, dialing and texting. No other CRM makes it this easy to manage and track client interactions.

Focused on customer success

Our team of experts is here for you, 7 days a week, via email and phone. Whether you need help getting up and running or have questions about your setup, we’ve got you covered.

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