Get unbeatable speed to lead & reduce manual work

With our seamless 2-way sync, information between your leads in Follow Up Boss and Zillow will flow effortlessly in both directions. Your leads will hit Follow Up Boss as soon as Zillow delivers them, so you can win the speed to lead battle. As you work them, things like contact statuses,, notes, and transactions will sync between both systems, no matter where you update them, and you’ll waste less time on data entry. 

Assign leads & start action plans

When a Zillow lead is delivered to Follow Up Boss, you can use your standard lead routing or create custom rules for Zillow leads. Prefer to use Zillow Premier Agent’s built-in routing? No problem. The assigned agent will sync over to Follow Up Boss instantly. Then, automatically run an action plan with initial text messages, calls, emails and more.

Supports every Zillow lead type (even Flex, MBP and Profile) 

Follow Up Boss recognizes all standard Zillow lead types and tags. You can trigger the same routing rules and action plans for every Zillow lead, or set up custom workflows for different kinds of leads. Zillow connections transfer seamlessly into our integrated phone system.

Connect on the phone & send texts with ease 

Follow Up Boss has an integrated phone system designed to keep up with high-volume lead generation programs. Quickly build a calling list of your highest-priority Zillow leads, hit start and get through them in no time. Send texts straight from your CRM and use templates to make it faster. All the lead details are at your fingertips, everything gets logged automatically and it's easy to add notes as you go.

Up and running in 2 minutes

Connecting your Zillow account to Follow Up Boss couldn’t be easier. You’ll simply login to Zillow Premier Agent and go to settings to link Follow Up Boss to your account. From there, you can use our library of ready-made Zillow lead action plans or create your own.
"I don’t miss any notes because Zillow and Follow Up Boss talk to one another!"
Martina Schneider
Dir. Operations, The Hester Group
Zillow Premier Agent

The Follow Up Boss Difference

Get a seamless two-way sync with Zillow & so much more

Agents love it

The best CRM is the one you’ll actually use. Follow Up Boss was designed to be fast and easy for agents so they can focus on increasing conversions, not learning their CRM. We’ve had customers tell us they can train agents on Follow Up Boss in under an hour.

Connects with everything

Technology should work for you, not hold you back. Follow Up Boss has an open API so you can connect it to the lead providers, marketing systems and other tools you use now, and any new ones you add in the future.

Transparent pricing, no contracts

You have to earn your clients’ business every month. Why should we be any different? Follow Up Boss has clear pricing, no setup fees and no annual contract requirement. It’s our job to help you close more deals every month, not lock you in.

Exceptional service, nonstop innovation

Feel free to focus on real estate, not tech. Our support team is here for you 7 days a week via phone and email. Follow Up Boss engineers release updates and new features constantly so you’re always a step ahead.

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