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About Spacio

The #1 Open House Lead Generation System

As the industry’s top open house lead gen system, Spacio helps real estate professionals increase their ROI and close more deals by capturing every lead for 100% follow up. Spacio’s solution provides a complete end-to-end system to capture each high quality lead, comprehensive resources to run better open houses, and total assurance that no opportunity will slip through the cracks.

An Introduction to Spacio:


If you’re looking for a system that helps you capture higher quality leads and close more deals without increasing your advertising and marketing expenses, Spacio is the solution for you.

Exclusive Offer For Follow Up Boss Customers
Spacio offers a free 30 day trial, and all Follow Up Boss customers will enjoy an exclusive 20% discount:

How the Spacio Integration Works

Leads registered using Spacio will flow directly into Follow Up Boss. The Spacio + Follow Up Boss integration can be easily activated from the Integrations page inside Spacio using the Follow Up Boss API Key.
This integration requires that an address is entered in the Spacio Property Details to properly log each visitor’s information.

How to Link Your Spacio Account to Follow Up Boss

  1. Enter your Follow Up Boss API Key to directly send information about your open house visitors to your Follow Up Boss account upon visitor sign-in. A new contact with the source and the tag “spacio” will be created under People. Answers to your open house questions will be saved in the Activity section.
  2. To find your Follow Up Boss API Key, login to Follow Up Boss, click Admin > API (account owners only).
  3. Click the API key box to reveal the API. Click this link for further instructions:

Data That is Transferred Via the Spacio Integration

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Source
  • Tags (Spacio)
  • Stage (Lead)
  • Street Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip Code
  • Questions and Answers (Logged as Activity)

Spacio and Follow Up Boss Best Practices

Spacio helps agents capture all open house leads and automatically syncs contacts directly into your Follow Up Boss account. This integration helps increase your lead funnel every single week and nurtures leads through ongoing automated marketing to close more deals.

Here’s how you can make the most out of Spacio in your existing workflow:

  1. Hold more open houses to collect more leads: The more open houses you run, the more leads you’ll generate!
  2. Master the art of successful open houses: To get the most out of open houses, it’s crucial that you maximize each fundamental step of the lead generation process––before, during and after the open house. For useful strategies and advice from industry leaders, login to Spacio’s dashboard and check out Leads+, our comprehensive collection of open houses resources.
  3. After a lead is collected, make sure every person who signs in to your open house is automatically added to a Follow Up Boss action plan.
  4. Send an instant text response to new sign-ins to confirm their contact info. This gives people an easy way to reach you both during and after they have toured the open house.
  5. The day after the open house, send an automated email to sign-ins asking for feedback on the open house. In case they toured more than one open house on the same day, the email should also automatically include the property address in order to jog their memory.
  6. Use Follow Up Boss Smart Lists to converse and follow up with prospective buyers by informing them about other properties on the market and/or upcoming open houses.

Here’s what top agents have to say about the Spacio and Follow Up Boss integration:

“The integration of Spacio and Follow Up Boss is awesome! The first email that Spacio sends out to visitors is logged and tracked in my Follow Up Boss account. Being connected simplifies my follow up and allows me to focus on my notes, tasks and the needs of the buyer and/or the sellers I meet at my open houses.” — Christina Hood, The SiliconValleyHoods Team

“Spacio offered the ability to remarket through email more effectively, and it made using Follow Up Boss more efficient.”Jay Campbell, The Monica Diaz Team

When combined, Spacio and Follow Up Boss become a dynamic duo that allows you to:

  • Capture higher quality leads from open houses without spending more money on advertising and marketing
  • Strategically follow up and nurture leads so you can build a profitable business through open houses
  • Close more deals through the power of automated marketing

Open houses are a low-cost way to build your database of potential buyers and foster relationships with people you meet face-to-face. Open houses are one of the top three ways that buyers find the home they end up purchasing! You can’t close a deal without generating and following up with leads — and open houses are the perfect, cost-efficient place to start.

Exclusive Offer For Follow Up Boss Customers

The best part? Spacio offers a free 30-day trial, and all Follow Up Boss customers will enjoy an exclusive 20% discount:

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