Success Training

In this success training series, we show you timeless principles as well as battle-tested processes for getting the best possible sales results from your team and your database.


Organize your database like the best in the business

Quickly lay the foundation for being able to leverage your CRM to its fullest potential.

The best way to prioritize your leads and follow up in seconds

We like to focus on quality over quantity – calling 10-20 high priority contacts per day will always outperform hundreds of calls to a random list – this video shows you how to figure out who these high priority contacts are.

Start your day like a boss with a results driven daily workflow

The best agents and teams prioritize consistent execution above everything else – in this video we cover a highly efficient process to ensure you maximize the ROI from your leads and database.

How to send targeted, relevant emails that get a response

Email is still an incredibly powerful channel for engaging your leads, clients and past clients when you stay relevant and focus on adding value. Here we’ll give you tips and specific emails you can send to get a great response rate.

Expand your business with just your current network

The diamonds in your database are the people who have trusted you enough to do business with you already – we’ll give you a strategy that helps you show them some love, without feeling like you’re pestering your friends.

Motivate your team and hold them accountable – the real key to unlocking conversion results

Once you start running a team, you need to shift your focus to being a leader and passing on your expertise through coaching and accountability. Most people underestimate how important (and challenging) this shift is to build a team. In this video we’ll show you how to build a lightweight process for helping your team close more deals.

Using your database to close more listings (and maximize your odds of bringing the buyer to those listings too)

Some simple ways you can stand out from your competition in listing presentations and quickly show how you’ll be able to get the most exposure and ultimately the best price for your prospective client’s homes.