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It’s no secret that 2022 represented a downshift from the previous year’s insane real estate market. But while fewer transactions are happening, thousands of real estate deals still close every single day. 

So as the market regains a sense of balance, leaders in the industry sense opportunity: Space to make investments in systems, a chance to recruit top agents and a moment when their exceptional skills will deliver more for their clients than their competitors ever could. 

The Follow Up Boss team stands behind every one of you out there who’s taking the lemons 2022 threw at you and turning them into lemonade in 2023. 

Here’s a quick recap of the most important FUB developments in 2022, and a preview of what’s to come this year. 

📊2022 scorecard

We strive to make your Follow Up Boss experience better every single day, and it all adds up over the course of a year. Would you believe…

  • You added 66,214,194 leads to Follow Up Boss
  • 1,415 software updates were made to FUB. That’s everything from major features to invisible things that make the system faster and more stable.
  • The support team solved 81,696 customer issues (and of 78% those were solved during the first interaction)
  • We answered 66,807 phone calls from you 🤝
  • 36 new people joined the Follow Up Boss team. Most of them are in support, success and engineering (i.e. the people who make FUB, FUB). 
  • We sent team members to 25+ industry events - It was incredible getting to meet so many of you in real life!
  • FUB hosted 2 Level Up Mastermind events where 150 industry leaders gathered to dive deep into what drives their success
  • The first-ever FUBCON brought together over 1,000 members of the FUB community

✨ 7 big ways your CRM got better in 2022

1. Two-way Zillow sync

Follow Up Boss was the first CRM to release a 2-way integration with Zillow. Keep your data accurate and up to date across both systems, so you never miss a step and eliminate tedious manual data entry. This is especially huge if you’re part of Zillow Flex and need to update deals in Zillow. 

2. Agent goal report

The new agent goals report will keep agents on track toward commission targets throughout the year, and let team leads see who needs coaching. Plus, you can add personal goals so you always remember why hitting that commission goal really matters. 

3. More deal tracking and automation power

Deal tracking in Follow Up Boss got so much better in 2022. To stay on top of you or your team’s earnings, you can now track commissions, including splits, for any deal, and report on commissions and splits in the deals report. And Deals now include custom fields,  which you can use in automations, so you can build deal flows that match your business. 

4. Call waiting

The Follow Up Boss dialer now supports call waiting, just like you’re used to on your other phones. Switch to that second call, or send it to voicemail–it’s up to you, whether you’re dialing from your desktop or the mobile app. No more missed calls, no more missed opportunities.

5. Blur mode

This was an internal tool that the FUB community demanded we share 😂 Blur mode lets you share your screen without showing all your database’s private details, so you can coach, train and share FUB skills without sharing personal information.

6. Batch email limit increase

Save time and reach more of your contacts when you want to. Now you can send more batch emails at one time–no more staggering your send over multiple days.

7. Lots of improvements to both mobile apps

Throughout 2022, we put extra focus on improving the FUB iPhone and Android apps in ways big and small. Android got support for deals and a brand new quick-access menu for frequently used functions. iOS got a brand new notifications center and support for multiple inboxes

And that’s just a couple highlights: There were hundreds of updates to make both apps easier to use, faster and more secure. Make sure you have the latest version of your FUB mobile app today.

Bonus: Updated help center and video in support tickets

One of the things that sets Follow Up Boss apart from other CRMs (and most software, for that matter) is our support experience. We improved it in a couple of big ways this year: The support center in the app has been redesigned so it’s easier to use. And we added the option to record a screen share when sending a support ticket, so you can show us exactly what you need help with. 

❤️And the Follow Up Boss community got better, too…

When you use Follow Up Boss, you get more than software. You become part of a community of ambitious real estate professionals who share their success and lift each other up (even if there’s a little friendly competition here and there 😇).

Keepin’ it live

After years of wanting to host our own in-person events, this was the year we got serious. The response from all of you was incredible. 

We felt warm and fuzzy when 50 of you turned out for our first mastermind in San Diego, and then excited when 100 came to our next event in Atlanta. But when the first-ever FUBCON sold out, and we saw over 1,000 customers, partners and industry-leading speakers in one room in Vegas? Totally humbling. There were literal tears from long-term FUB staff seeing how their work made an impact on real people out in the world.

From the bottom of all our hearts: Thank you for coming, we hope you got tons of value from our events, and we hope we get to see you again soon.

Social media: A force for good

In-person events are awesome, but what if you need to connect with other Follow Up Boss users right now to get feedback on your setup, troubleshoot an issue or just a daily dose of motivation? That’s where the Follow Up Boss Success Community on Facebook comes in. 

We’re thrilled to have welcomed our 12,000th Success Community member this year–that’s 12,000 top agents and team leads (plus ## amazing moderators) helping each other out every single day. This is truly the beating heart of the FUB community. Big thanks to everyone who contributed their expertise this year 🙏

If you’re a Follow Up Boss account owner or admin and aren’t already a member, what are you waiting for? Join today!

We’re all getting schooled

The Follow Up Boss Academy kept getting better in 2022. In addition to high-impact skills training from people like Dale Archdekin, our archive of webinars on every topic imaginable and  a huge library of FUB training videos, you can now find recordings of sessions from our Mastermind events and FUBCON, all in one place. 

Our mission at Follow Up Boss is to help real estate agents be more successful, and while our software is the main way we do that, we know that software is never a replacement for skills, and that’s where FUB Academy comes in. If you’re not already using it, check it out ASAP.

💪You guys just kept crushing it

There were some big wins in the Follow Up Boss community this year and nothing makes us happier than seeing Follow Up Boss impact your business. Here are a few of our favorite shares in the past year.

🤫2023 sneak peek

As always, we’re going to continue working to make your Follow Up Boss experience better every single day. Here’s just a few of the things you can expect to see us focus on this year. 

Faster path to results

In a cooler real estate market, it’s all about doing more with what you have. We think your CRM should make it easier to get things done and know what’s having an impact. Expect to see changes that make it faster for new agents to get up to speed on FUB, and easier for team leads to direct coaching and training where it will deliver the biggest impact.

Delivering every message

How are you supposed to convert if you can’t connect? Communications are increasingly regulated and spam-wary consumers are getting trained to ignore their phones and inboxes. We’re going to keep you ahead of the game with first-in-class deliverability for calling, texting and emailing. 

Stronger integrations

It feels good to have your tech stack work together like it's supposed to. This year we’re focused on strengthening our most important integrations, and maybe even adding some new ones to your toolbox, so you can build a tech stack that gives your business an edge. 

More events

We’ll be back on the road with our Level Up mastermind series this year. Dates aren’t official yet, but I have it on good authority that the first one is going to be in a place that’s warm, dry and full of 🌵. 

And finally…FUBCON will be back. We’re in the final stages of picking a venue now and can’t wait to share details soon. Here’s what we can tell you now: It’ll be in the fall, in a beautiful venue, and it’s going to feature our trademark combo of actionable content, networking, and fun parties. 

And for those of you who told us you wanted to see more tactical content to help you be a better Follow Up Boss user? We heard you and we understand the assignment 🫡

Something yellow

We've got a top-secret project under way, and it's very...yellow. All I can say about it now is that you'll definitely know it when you see it 😎

💥Here’s to an outstanding new year

We don’t know exactly what 2023 will hold, but we do know that the Follow Up Boss community can tackle any challenge that the real estate gods throw at you, and then some. 

We’re proud to be part of your team, and we’re committed to prospering alongside you this year. Thanks for being a Follow Up Boss customer, and here’s to a fantastic 2023. 

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