April 2018 Feature Roundup

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April was a fun month here at Follow Up Boss!

We glammed up our iPhone app, made it super easy to organize leads with multiple addresses and importing is now faster and easier than ever before. Read on for the full overview last month’s awesome updates!


  • Awesome iPhone App Updates
  • New Address Labels
  • Add a Person in a Click!
  • Major Import Improvements
  • Microphone Access Notifications Are Back!

New Features

Awesome iPhone App Updates

Our iPhone app just got an awesome upgrade!

The latest version of the app (v2.2.21) brings some sweet changes including, a new and improved Settings screen with clear controls for enabling notifications and caller ID. Notifications for new app updates are now available from right there within the app via the Settings screen.

We also fixed some bug around badge counts and the Inbox tab and for an issue where the Inbox was having some trouble auto-refreshing. And for a little cherry on top, we added some subtle UI improvements to make the fonts, styles, and overall swagger even more awesome.


Download the latest update here!

Address Labels Are Here!

You can now add labels to addresses for all your leads. Know exactly where to send your holiday mailers or what type of properties your leads already own.

All you have to do is go to Edit or Add a New Address and you’ll see the new field. Just type in thr your label or choose from the drop down and you’re good to go!

And as a bonus, you can now include your address labels during your next import.



Add Person in a Click!

We just made it way easier to manually add a contact! In the past, you’d have to go to the People table to add a person, or search for a person in the search box.

We have now changed this and made it so the Add Person icon is always in the main navigation menu.


Major Import Improvements!

If you’ve been following our updates, you know we’ve work hard to make importing to Follow Up Boss as pain-free as possible. Now we will automatically check column values to see if it’s a phone number or email address and choose the correct mapping.

Our mission is to automatically select the correct column for you, for every import.

We now consider which columns have already matched and if for some reason we can’t choose the column name automatically, we’ll provide suggested fields to help you get your import done faster. You can find these suggestions right at the top of the dropdown.

Now you can also see your full import history, regardless of how old the imports are. And we made a ton of other awesome improvements to imports, including:

Dropdown cleanup: We removed duplicate entries like phone 1, phone 2, etc. No more numbered fields! We also added categories to the dropdown to make scrolling through a breeze.

Remember mappings: If you upload an import file and we match it to a completed import with the same columns, we’ll use those mappings automatically. No more mapping the same type of files multiple times. Now you do it once and you’re done!

Default fields: After choosing mappings if we notice you didn’t choose a stage or assigned agent field, we’ll prompt you to select one. We’ll then apply this stage or assigned agent to every row in the import to make it super easy to get your new list up and running. You can also use this screen to add tags wherever needed.

Reset password security improvements

We take security seriously.

As part of our mission to continually improve security for Follow Up Boss users, we have increased security mechanisms for resetting passwords to ensure users are protected from unauthorized access to their accounts. Now we can all sleep a little better knowing our leads are safe and sound!

API Improvement: /v1/people

Creating a Person just got even easier.

Now when creating a Person through our /v1/people API endpoint you can:

  1. pass ?deduplicate=1 and it will return a 200 response with the found person if an existing person is found, otherwise it will proceed as normal with creating the contact and give a 201.
  2. One can also specify ‘createdAt’ date in the payload to better create leads with more accurate creation dates.

Get all the details right here in our API docs:



Microphone access notifications are back!

For users with the calling feature, Follow Up Boss triggers notifications whenever a user has blocked access to the microphone in the browser, or whenever the system cannot detect an enabled microphone.

These notifications stopped working recently but they have now been fixed!

View in dotloop link change

Because of the way dotloop functions, we have had to change our link to just the loops list view in dotloop, rather than linking directly to the loop in question.

Not all users will have access to the loop, which is why we have to make this change. Now that this has been fixed all users should be able to use dotloop equally and with ease!

Get our new guideline for free


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