April Feature Update

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IDX Registrations are now auto tagged

You can now setup different action plans or agent assignment rules for leads that come from an IDX registration as opposed to an inquiry about a specific property on your website.

This lets you treat people that register on your site and those that inquire about a property differently.


IDX Integrations list

We published a list this month of the IDX websites integrated with Follow Up Boss and the level of integration.

Check it out here.


Website companies and custom website owners can send IDX events like viewed property / saved property / property search / PPC data to Follow Up Boss via our open API, making sure you have all the intel on your new leads.


System stability

We also spent some time this month improving the stability of the system to reduce the chances of any downtime and missed lead opportunities.

You can always see the live status of the system at http://followupboss.statuspage.io/


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