August 2018 Feature Updates

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In August we had our annual team meetup and brought our growing team (now 23 people!) to Nashville for fun, food, and planning to help everyone on the team serve you better.

We also try to meetup with local customers at these meetups to provide additional training and get their direct feedback on how we can continue improving our product. This year we hosted several customers at our venue, but also went to hang out with almost 40 agents who all work with the Ashton Real Estate Group, who are currently ranked as the #1 Remax team in the world.

Danielle, Jennifer and Erik ran a training with their sales director Scott filled with breakthroughs for those in attendance and lots of great feedback on how we can do even better!

It was a great experience to share the room with such an engaged group of professionals and were honored to have everyone spend their Friday morning with us.

Our engineering team has also been hard at work all month, and here’s everything they’ve shipped in August:

New Features

Ability to make a test call

It’s never fun to call a lead or client, only to find they can’t hear you because there’s some issue with your equipment setup.

Now under “My Settings“, you have the ability to “Make a test call” for testing your microphone setup when using the Follow Up Boss dialer. See our help document for additional details.


Person Details Collapsing / Ordering

We are continuing to clean up and help reduce clutter on the person screen. You can now reorder and collapse various sections on the left side!

Screencast 2018-08-29 at 8.54.46 AM.gif

Smart List Counts

Smart List counts are an easy way to see how many people match the conditions for a given smart list.

Screen Shot 2018-08-27 at 11.56.36 AM.png

These counts can be useful when working lists that will filter out leads once they are actioned.

This will allow you to see, at a glance, if there are leads to work in your various lists.

Check out for more details.

Download Call Recordings

You can now download call recordings to help with coaching your agents and reviewing calls.

Screen Shot 2018-08-17 at 4.42.07 PM.png


Lead deduplication by phone

By default Follow Up Boss would either deduplicate leads by email or the combination of phone number AND name. Now in addition to these checks, if no matches are found, we will also search for existing leads by phone number only. In all deduplication checks, if there are multiple matches, we will select the most recently created lead.

Person sidebar tweaks based on your feedback

  • We have stabilized fetching data, it should be much more reliable.
  • Accounts with Dotloop connected were experiencing an overall slower sidebar load time, this has been fixed, though deals section will be slower to load still, we will look at this further in the future.
  • Action plan buttons are brighter colored, should stand out a bit more, so it’s easier to see when an action plan is running.
  • Task order has improved and functions more like a task list.

As always, keep the feedback coming in, we will keep improving and making things look better!


Fix for rare sidebar loading issues & more!

  • There were certain people who would run into issues where the sidebar wasn’t loading. We have found the issue and released a fix for it.
  • When adding and editing an address on the person screen, the label should no longer be allowed to be auto-completed.
  • If you’re an agent assigned to a contact when you added a collaborator, you would get redirected to the people table, this is now fixed.
  • Based on the feedback around our Timeline Filters beta, we have re-designed the timeline filters altogether. We will be gathering more feedback, but hope to soon open this up to everyone!
Screen Shot 2018-08-31 at 12.35.09 PM.png

Round Robin Distribution

A fix has been released to address a case where the round-robin tracker for a group could be advanced without a new lead being created if the lead’s email address was not in a valid format.

BombBomb fix

Accounts who have the BombBomb integration enabled were experiencing some issues with fetching data from the sidebar. We managed to find the issue and get it fixed so if you’re using that integration it should work much better now.

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