August 2019 Product Update

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Over the last couple of months, our new Head of Product, Joe, has been implementing a new structure for how we capture, organize, and most importantly, act on the feedback we're getting from customers.

We're starting to come out the other side of this transition, and while we've been starting to see the improvements in clarity and communication internally for weeks, you're about to start seeing the impact through the features that are going to be rolling out in the coming weeks and months.

The team got started with some awesome new additions this past month:


  • Inbox improvements for Android and iOS
  • Voicemail transcriptions
  • Support videos

Read on to get the full details!

New Features

iPhone and Android Inbox Improvements

Our team is going hard at making our mobile apps the best in the business, and focusing on giving you an efficient workflow so your business can just keep rolling no matter where you go!

We recently updated both the Android and iOS apps to include support for calls from Unknown numbers, as well as full voicemail support including playback, and the recently released voicemail transcriptions.

This is the first of lots of exciting updates coming for the apps!

Voicemail Transcriptions

Handling missed calls is even easier now with voicemail transcriptions. When you miss a call to one of your Follow Up Boss phone numbers that results in a voicemail recording, it will automatically be transcribed and show up along side the call!

Transcriptions will show in a contact's timeline, and within a user or shared inbox.


Support Videos

Our support team has made a goal of producing 80+ new videos to make it a lot easier to leverage best practices, and onboard new team members to Follow Up Boss.

Eventually these will be used to create more 'in-app' training, but for now you'll start to see a whole lot more videos popping up across our support documentation and 'Recipes for Success'.

I saw this one on working your Smart Lists that came from a result of a collaboration with our Success team that was definitely worth sharing!

If you want to see the full 'recipe' for our recommended approach to using arguably the most powerful feature of Follow UP Boss, you can see the full guide here.


Android v2.8.1 – Bug fix

This release fixes a bug that could cause the app to crash when opening certain emails.

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