December 2016 – Feature Roundup

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December was a really big month for the engineering team at Follow Up Boss! While everyone was slowing down heading into the holidays, the team showed up big time and delivered a ton of new features and tweaks to existing ones that our customers have been asking us for.


This month we brought on 2 new superstar engineers and an additional customer support champion!

We’re really excited to welcome Ted Goldstein and Matthew Nolan to the engineering team and Meghan Porter to the customer support team! Everyone brings a ton of tech startup experience to the table for us to help continue working towards becoming the most powerful sales tool in real estate.

New Features

Custom Stages are now available

Stages can now be renamed and reordered, new stages can be added and you can remove stages you’re not using.

Only the account owner can edit stages. An update for the iPhone app will be available soon to allow you to use custom stages in the app as well.

Task Lists

We added 3 lists to be able to more easily action tasks; Today’s Tasks, Overdue Tasks and Future Tasks. See this article for more info.

Lead export ability for non account owners

Account owners can grant or revoke permission for users to export leads. When you add or edit a user from the Team page you will see a checkbox that toggles this permission.

Email marketing campaigns on the timeline

When you’re viewing a person, any email marketing campaigns which have been sent to them are now displayed on the timeline. This includes drip campaigns sent from action plans within Follow Up Boss, and also campaigns sent via Happy Grasshopper, MailChimp and Top Marketer.

Opens, clicks, bounces and unsubscribes are shown for each campaign.

Warning before sending an empty email

Before you send an email with no body content, we will give you a warning just in case you accidentally send an email before you were able to type the email.

Ordered and Unordered lists when composing an email

Users now have the ability to send an email with an ordered or unordered list when composing an email:


Integration partners of Follow Up Boss can now take advantage of Webhooks, which proactively notify integrations of changes happening within Follow Up Boss. API documentation can be found here:

Quickly add follow up tasks

We added a feature to quickly add follow up tasks, see more information here:

Filter by assigned agent

We added an agent filter dropdown menu to FUB2. While it was already possible for brokers to filter a list of people by their assigned agent, this menu will make it much easier to do that.

Your choice is remembered as you use the app, so if you as a broker only want to work with your own leads for a while, select “Me” from the agent filter menu. See this help article for more information:

Tags screen

We added a new screen under Admin > Tags that displays all tags in one place and allows editing and deleting of tags.

Ability to delete Lead Sources

Added an easy way to delete Lead Sources on Reporting > Lead Sources screen.


Add ability to remove social profile data

Occasionally the social profile data for a contact may be incorrect. For these cases we just added the ability to remove all social profile data associated with a contact. This can be done by pressing the link at the bottom of the contact’s social profile section. This action cannot be undone.

Improvements to Zillow leads processing

We made a number of improvements to how Zillow leads are processed: support for new Zillow Rentals format and forwarded leads, better detection of Seller leads and improved de-duplication of events on timeline.

The social profile of a person is now shown in FUB2

FUB2 now shows a person’s social profile in the bottom right of the screen when you’re viewing a person.

Report values can be clicked to see associated people

All report pages (Agent Activity, Lead Sources, Calls) and the Email Templates page, have stats that can now be clicked on to see the associated people for the given stat. Please note that the people shown are representative of when the page was displayed and that dynamic lists cannot be saved from the people screen when these links are clicked.

Tasks sort order on a contact

The tasks were originally sorted by name. We made the change so they are sorted oldest to latest.

Improvements to team page

The team page now indicates if your team members have connected their email address with Follow Up Boss, if they have email sharing enabled, and if they are using the Follow Up Boss mobile app. Reach out to your agents to make sure they are getting the most value from Follow Up Boss by connecting their email.

Improved display of contact action plans

Deleted action plans are now displayed correctly on the contact action plan list. Paused action plans are now shown in the action plan list for 3 days. It was confusing to have paused action plans be hidden to quickly. The full list of an contact’s action plans can always be viewed by clicking the ‘Show more’ link at the bottom of the action plan box.


Fixed imports not working with certain import files

With certain .csv files the import tool in Follow Up Boss 2 would be stuck on a loading screen, never allowing you to select columns and proceeding to the import. This problem has been fixed, all imports should work again.

Fixed blank emails in Inbox

Some emails showed up as blank in Inbox. We fixed this issue so all emails should be displayed correctly now.

User Limit Notification

We now show a notification for when an account has maxed its users. It will also no longer allow you to try to add another user.

We now display emails with periods and pluses

For a while, we formatted gmail emails to hide periods or pluses. As it turns out, it caused confusion, so we have removed this.

Adding Multiple Action Plan Steps

There was a bug when editing or creating an action plan, if you added multiple steps, the UI would become unresponsive. That is now resolved.

Calls logged from the iOS app correctly trigger contacted status

Calls logged from the iOS app that are longer than 1 minute will result in the contact being marked contacted. This change is to match the behavior we have for when calls are triggered through our system in FUB classic and FUB2.

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