December 2017 Feature Roundup

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At Follow Up Boss, we want 2018 to be your best year yet.

That’s why we were dead-set on closing 2017 with a bang.

December’s updates were all about helping you and your team know exactly where your deals are coming from, which leads are the hottest, and how to increase your transaction volume to play bigger in 2018.

Highlights include some rock-solid UI upgrades to help keep your team’s eyes on the prize, seriously smart search improvements (spoiler alert: our beloved search bar is back!), and of course, all kinds of improvements and bug fixes to give you and your prospects a seamless follow up experience (even on mobile).


  1. Attach Files to Deals and Contacts
  2. View Action Plan Stats
  3. Unlimited Batch Emailing
  4. Easy Inbox Filters
  5. Search Notes and Addresses
  6. Automatic Mailing Labels
  7. Login with Google
  8. Fixed: dotloop profiles

New Features

Attach Files to Deals and Contacts

Do your transaction and listings managers have paperwork fatigue?

Not anymore.

You can now attach files to any deal or contact inside Follow Up Boss. Do your admin a huge solid by giving them easy access to all your deal deets. Attach your listing agreements, buyer loyalty contracts, listing marketing packages, CMA or any other paperwork used in closings.

This is also a BIG help to any of you using a VA to scale to massive growth.

Less file-wrangling = more productivity.


To attach a file to a Contact just look for the Files box on the right. Click the + icon to select files from your computer, then watch the progress as the files are uploaded to your contact’s profile. Now you have all the info you need in one simple location.


Cleaner Deal View and Overview Screen

Forms are boring. And ‘bored’ is the last thing you and your team should feel when thinking about closing deals! We tweaked the interface in the Deals section to make it feel way more fun (and much less formal).

Not only is this section more sleeker than ever before, we also added a Commission field to further encourage your team to go forth, and kill it.


We also cleaned up the Overview Screen. You can now filter your archived and unarchived deals with a single click. (Sorting through past and current deals leaves way too much room for distraction!)

We even upgraded deal cards with commission and added a quick button to help you archive or unarchive your deals. No more head-scratching. Now you always know where you and your team stands.


Android App: Calls, call notes, and more…

Holy Batman. This is one cool update.

You can now view calls and call notes for all of your leads on the person ‘conversations’ tab straight from your Android device.

Oh, and that issue with email signatures not being added when using templates? We fixed that. Now your leads will have your key contact info, even if you replied while on the go.

Here are a couple other Android app fixes we made last month:

  • We fixed an issue where notifications weren’t displaying for some users (especially those running the latest version of Android, aka Oreo)
  • We improved the reliability of the app over cellular networks

Remember to ALWAYS make sure you’re using the latest version of Follow Up Boss for mobile. Because your next hot lead can come in any time, anywhere.

Not seeing these changes yet? Grab the latest update here.


iPhone app: v2.2.17

Not an Android user? Don’t worry. We also upgraded our iPhone app.

Make sure you’re using the latest version to take advantage of these awesome upgrades.

Here’s what’s new:

  • Inbox speed improvements (inbox wasn’t loading quickly for some users)
  • Phone labels
  • General speed improvements
  • Fixed a bug that was causing a crash on the person screen

Using Follow Up Boss on iPhone should now be smooth sailing.

Grab the iPhone update here!

View Action Plan Stats

Want to know which leads are currently on an action plan versus the ones who have completed it? Now you can.

We’ve updated the Admin > Action Plans page to include Active, Engaged, and Completed columns so you can take the temperature of your leads in a single glance. Here’s how we broke it down:

Active: Leads on a running Action Plan.

Engaged: Leads for which the Action Plan has been stopped for engagement purposes.

(i.e., When a lead responds, the Action Plan may be stopped automatically, meaning it was effective in starting a conversation with the lead.)

Completed: Leads who have completed all steps of the Action Plan and may need some warming up or another action plan applied.

Know what you need to do to re-engage those leads? Don’t let it wait.

We made the stat links clickable so you can take immediate action to further cultivate your leads, straight from the People screen.


Improved Mass Actions

We also released improvements to the mass actions on the people screen to help you group your leads better.

Mass actions will automatically show a progress indicator. When the action is completed, your selection will not be cleared, so that you can more easily perform other mass actions.

We also made it possible for admins to mass delete in Follow Up Boss, in case you need a little help cleaning up.


Now Everyone Can View Action Plans!

Our customers never stop growing and we’ve expanded our system to make it easier for your entire team to help close more deals.

In Follow Up Boss, we added a feature to View Action Plans for all and added Inline Edit Email Templates. Now Lenders, Agents, and Admins can get a better understanding of what’s being sent to their leads so they’re better prepared to respond quickly and effectively.


As usual, you can grant access as needed. The ‘Edit Action Plan’ will only be there for users who have permission to edit that action plan.

And with the new inline edit email template, you’ll now be able to create and edit email templates from directly within the action plan.


To create an action plan, there is now a new icon for ‘New email template’. Simply click it and you’ll be prompted to create a new email template.

Easy. peasy.

Unlimited Batch Emailing

We love a good drip sequence and for those of you looking to batch email more contacts within Follow Up Boss, we now offer an integration with SendGrid that will allow for unlimited batch emailing.

Click here for a complete step-by-step on how to get rolling with SendGrid.

(Did you know that we also have awesome email integrations with MailChimp and Happy Grasshopper?)


Easy Inbox Filters

You’re going to LOVE this one.

Now you can filter your Follow Up Boss inbox by texts, emails, or calls! Each message gets a friendly little icon to indicate how it came in, making it that much easier to customize your next follow up.

We’ve been having a lot of fun cleaning up our color palette to create a more focused, consistent experience for our users.

We even color-coded your inbox conversations to so you can see at a glance how each message came in.


Search Notes and Addresses

Don’t waste your time looking for that magic follow up that got you an instant reply months ago. Notes are now searchable!

But don’t worry, it’s only on a need-to-know basis. As with contacts, notes are only searchable by users with access to that specific contact.

And not only that, now there’s a dedicated page for searches. Just click the ‘Advanced’ link in the widget or press ‘See all results for …’. You can even get a link to your search by copying the URL on the search page.

But that’s not all…

If you press ‘View list of people’, Follow Up Boss will put your search results into the people table. This means searching by address is now possible!

Just type in an address or zip code and you can see every lead in that area.


Next time you open the search widget or go to the search page, you’ll see all your recently viewed people automatically gathered into a Smart List.


Automatic Mailing Labels

Are you rocking your Past Clients and SOI? (If not, you should be.)

Now you can create labels for your holiday mailings from directly within Follow Up Boss. You can print up to 30 labels per page on Avery products, compatible with the Avery 5160 template.


Login with Google

Everybody loves Google, including us.

If your Google account has the same email address as your Follow Up Boss account, you can now use the ‘Login with Google’ button to sign in in one quick click.


Daily Hotsheet Email Opt-Out

Protecting your focus is crucial to closing more deals. If you’d like to turn off the daily hot sheet emails, you can now do that from the settings screen.

No hard feelings.



The Search Bar is Back!

The search bar is back by popular demand!

Search notes right from the main menu by typing straight into the search bar. Ask and you shall receive. Enjoy!

Toggle invitation emails for appointments

You can now toggle whether or not you want to send or resend invitation emails when creating and editing appointments. One less step for faster scheduling.


An easier way to clear individual filters

You can now remove individual filters on the People screen more easily. This was particularly difficult for filters with only a single dropdown, such as Phone or Address.

Now all you have to do is hit ‘Clear filter’ and get right back to it.


dotloop Profiles

There was an issue where sometimes dotloop profiles weren’t showing up on the deals screen. Not a huge deal, but definitely a bit of a buzzkill when trying to see all the awesome hands on deck for your shiny new loops. We’re happy to report this has now been resolved!

Chrome Extension and Bug Fixes

We released a bunch of small changes that will make Follow Up Boss even smoother moving forward. For example, Google Voice was causing our app to crash if you had a phone number in the task name. That’s now fixed and you should be good to go when using Follow Up Boss with both Chrome and Google Voice.


We also had an issue with being able to tag contacts in Follow Up Boss. This has now been fixed. Go get your teamwork on!

Batch emailing merge fields

We had an issue with batch emailing where Agent* merge fields would not properly merge with the assigned agent, instead they were merging with the user that created the batch email. This has now been fixed!

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