December / January features round up

Follow Up Boss Tips
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1. Faster email syncing

We’ve made major improvements to the email integration in Follow Up Boss. Now your emails back and forth with contacts will sync faster and more reliably than ever.

The new email service also fixes a bug we had with the gmail drafts folder that would cause an email to show up multiple times.

2. Mass assign and reassign lenders

You can now mass assign and reassign lenders in the same way as agents.


3. Logging a phone call now updates last contacted

When you log a call in Follow Up Boss it will now keep the last contacted date up to date for you.

You can use this in your smart lists to update them with people not called recently by using “Last Contacted more than 7 days ago”.


New Integrations


Allows a true two way sync with Google Contacts and Mailchimp.

Get a free 14 day trial here.



Allows you to target your Follow Up Boss smart lists with relevant Facebook Ads.


We’ve also updated over 30 email integrations with Real Estate Lead Providers, you can view the full list we support here.

If you don’t have a Follow Up Boss account already, signup for a free 14 day trial here.

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