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Our goal is always to help improve the efficiency and results of our customers.

Something we have heard over and over again, is the need to have a seamless way to manage transactions for your clients as well.

This has led to a lot of people trying to ‘hack’ Follow Up Boss into becoming their transaction management system in addition to being their core sales management platform.

And while a number of people have been able to do this successfully, your business results rely on your sales agents staying on top of their primary sales follow up, and when other admin tasks start getting added to the mix, it can cause them to lose focus and get distracted.

In addition, many teams are increasingly moving to employing specialized roles rather than trying to get their agents to be a jack of all trades (and possibly a master of none!), which means it’s important to give those different roles specialized tools that are optimized for the execution of what that team member needs to do on a daily basis. In this case, that means Follow Up Boss for your sales team, and now, through our new integration, dotloop for your admins and transaction coordinators.

Now, through this integration, it’s simple for agents to transition their clients into dotloop to manage the offer and closing process.

They can do this from inside the deals feature, or directly from that contact’s profile in Follow Up Boss:


Once the transaction has been completed, agents can then move back to Follow Up Boss for post close follow up activities and ongoing engagement of clients.

The announcement has generated a lot of excitement from current customers. Chris Smith, co-founder of Curaytor was among those excited about the integration. All of his customers at Curaytor use Follow Up Boss as their CRM for lead and client management.

“When you can help people and businesses work better together it makes everyone’s experience better. Great experiences lead to more referrals, faster growth, longevity in the marketplace and a trusted brand” said Smith. “At Curaytor, we work with the best of the best in real estate. Our clients handle a lot of transactions and now that our backend (Follow Up Boss) is integrated with dotloop they can handle even more business, without sacrificing excellent service.”

Click here for step-by-step instructions for how to set up the integration

Not a dotloop customer yet? Click here to learn more about how their system helps teams stay on top of their transactions.

And for the official press release, click here.

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