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With a new month comes new updates, which means our awesome development team has rolled out even more features that make real estate lead follow up a breeze.

Check out what’s new on the Follow Up Boss app!

Lead Flow

Want to create routing rules based on lead source or type? No problem! Our new Lead Flow feature lets you create distinct, automatic pathways to your desired user or group.


Learn more about Lead Flow here.

Routing by Zip Codes and Price

Lead Flow makes it easy to send leads to specific users or groups based on price or zip code. Perfect for teams who have agents who only work with specific demographics.

Sorting Leads by Price

Leads by Price

Sorting Leads by Zip Code


Connect Your Own Email Provider

Send emails directly from your email provider with our new SMTP feature. This update improves deliverability rates and removes the small “sent via” message from your emails.

Connect SMTP

Team Email Sharing

This feature allows your team members to see the content of your email communications with contacts. Now you not only know when an email was sent, but exactly what was said!

Share Emails

Turning on email sharing for you team in a snap using these instructions.

Happy Grasshopper

Unsubscribers and campaign name changes sync seamlessly from Follow Up Boss to Happy Grasshopper.

Lead Source Providers

We’re always expanding the type of leads that automatically flow into our system. Here’s what we added this month:

  • Gold Rush Leads
  • First 2 Contact
  • Circle Pix
  • A Place in the Sun

We also updated these:

  • Better Voicemail
  • Agent Machine
  • Apartments
  • Listings to Leads
  • Realty Trac
  • Rental Homes Plus
  • Agent Pronto
  • Number 1 Expert
  • Rental Homes Plus
  • Kunversion
  • You Got Listings
  • KW

Follow Up Boss supports over 100+ lead source providers, here’s the full list.

So, that wraps up April! We’ve got even more in store for May.

The conversation continues over on Facebook. See you there!

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