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Another month has passed, which means, you guessed it, another round of updates! Check out what our team added in May!

Action Plans

Real Estate Action Plans

Use Action Plans to create follow up sequences that can be quickly applied to your leads. This includes sending drip email series, automatically creating follow up tasks, and/or interacting with other Action Plans.

Want to learn more? We’ve got all the information you need available in our knowledge base.

Applying Action Plans Based on Lead Flow

Action Plans Based on Lead Flow

This feature gives you the power to automatically apply Action Plans to incoming leads using a variety of factors such as:

  • Lead Source
  • Buyer/Seller Status
  • Zip Code
  • Price (Great for Rentals!)

Apply plans based off a single factor, or practically any combination of the above!

Here’s a great article on how to get this setup for yourself!

Adding Time to Tasks

Real Estate Tasks Follow Up

Need something done at a specific time or have a special appointment time with a lead? Now, not only can you set a task date in Follow Up Boss, but you can also set the time.

Which leads us to our next feature…

Google Calendar Sync

Google Calendar Sync

That’s right, Google Calendar sync is here! See all of your tasks right on your Google Calendar.

Call Logs

Logging Real Estate Agent Calls

Easily see who called, when, and the call outcome at a glance! Another way Follow Up Boss helps keep all records of contact in a single lead profile.

Lead Source Providers

In May we added these to the list:

  • BayNet
  • DriveBuy Technologies

We also updated these:

  • Zillow Rentals
  • MarketLinx
  • Agent Machine
  • You Got Listings (YGL)

This list is always expanding! See the 100+ lead providers we work with here.

So May brought a lot of features that make it even easier to manage and follow up your Real Estate leads!  We’ll show you everything we’re rolling out in June next time!

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