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Since we implemented the first version of our calling feature, it has become the secret weapon of inside sales agents and highly productive agents focused on Internet leads as a key source of clients.

Never tried our integrated calling? If you’re an account owner or admin, you can enable a free trial for your team here.

But like any good salesperson, those people using it at a high level (some making hundreds of calls per day with it!) are using Smart Lists as the primary driver for who to follow up with next, they wanted to remove clicks from the process and speed up the transition from calling one person to the next.

So to answer that bell, we added ‘Call Lists’.

With call lists, you can select all the people that are showing on your smart list and initiate a dialing session so you can quickly move from one call to the next.

Here are some best practices we’ve learned from some of the top ISAs in the business:

  1. If you’re not already using Smart Lists to prioritize who you’re following up with – start here
  2. Skip leaving a voicemail send a text message instead – this saves you and the client time and will get a much higher response rate. Pro Tip: Keep a nice, tidy list of text templatesthat use merge fields to automatically populate with the client’s info ready to go to speed this process up even more
  3. Double dip – don’t be shy to call your new leads a second time in the same day – especially if it’s a brand new lead.
  4. Don’t stress about what time of day or day of the week to make your calls – the difference in results will be marginal vs. just making the calls in the first place

And here are some of the top secret ways people are building their call lists so they’re always focusing on the leads and clients most likely to engage:

  • Some people like to send a batch email to their list before they start calling – this gives you some interesting options to further filter your list by filtering for who has recently opened the email (use the ‘Last email activity’ column)
  • When you take a new listing go to the Properties Report and grab all the inquiries you’ve received in the last 30-90 days for properties in that zip code and click to instantly build a list of those contacts and start calling them
  • Since this is a single-line dialer, it’s perfect to use to call your past clients and sphere as well. Build a list of any past client you haven’t called in the last 90 days and start calling to build an unbeatable referral-base

Want to see calling lists in action but not using integrated calling yet? If you’re an account owner, you can enable a 14-day free trial for your team here.

Do you have a favorite tip for how you’re getting awesome results with Follow Up Boss? Just click here to tell me about it and if it rocks, I’ll feature it in an upcoming post and send you some of our wicked good swag!

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