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Today we are talking to Eric Marke from the popular new seller lead generation service Home Value Leads.

How did Home Value Leads get its start?

As an active part of the real estate industry, we knew that there was going to be a massive shift in inventory. We knew that agents were going to want to switch from focusing on buyers to dealing with listings.

Everyone said that it is too difficult to find sellers online.

We wanted to prove them wrong – and we have.

What sets Home Value Leads apart from other solutions?

Our conversion rates. Recently one of our clients mentioned that she received 12 leads by spending $5 on Facebook ads. Because of our high conversion rates, agents are able to spend less on advertising for the same amount of leads (or get more leads for the same amount of money).

We have had people who are less than a week into the trial say they had to slow down their marketing to keep up with the leads. You can see more of what our clients are saying by visiting http://www.homevalueleads.com/reviews/

How can Follow Up Boss users benefit from this new partnership?

Follow Up Boss and Home Value Leads is a great match. Home Value Leads is a landing page that is highly optimized for converting clicks into leads at a much lower price than any other site we’ve heard of. One of the “complaints” that we have received is that agents are finding it difficult to follow up with the large number of leads they are receiving.

Converting leads into clients is all about response and follow up. Follow Up Boss removes this barrier. Follow Up Boss users can generate more leads for less money while integrating with a CRM tool that they already know and love.

How does the Follow Up Boss integration work?

With 2 clicks of a mouse and adding in your Follow Up Boss email address, integration is complete, your seller leads will flow into Follow Up Boss.

What’s one aspect or stand-out feature of Home Value Leads that the Follow Up Boss community should know about?

Our success depends on the success of our customers, and we always make ourselves available to our clients. Generally you can get a hold of either Brian or myself on Facebook just about any time of the day.

We also have an amazing group of people in our private Facebook group who all mastermind and are always testing new techniques and helping others. There is constant discussion about how to optimize your Facebook advertising, how to tweak your site for better conversion, and lead follow up scripts and ideas.

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