How to Build a Bulletproof Lead Conversion Process

Lead Conversion
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In this session, Marino Orlandi, co-founder of Aiva, and Dave Lawrence, Head of Growth at Follow Up Boss, are joining forces to help our customers build an unbeatable follow-up system so they can dominate their markets.

We'll be digging into the data we have on some of the highest performing lead conversion teams in North America to share:

  • Specific benchmarks you should be comparing yourself to at each stage of your follow up process
  • Exact scripts, timing and cadence for your follow up with new leads all the way through to long term nurture of leads and past clients
  • The most effective way to use automation with specific templates and examples
  • Exactly how to categorize and organize your leads so you always know who the most important people to follow up with are
  • How to know when you need to hire extra help
  • And a whole lot more...

You can watch the full recording below and download a PDF of the slides from the presentation.

*Note - there was an issue with the first 7 minutes of the recording but that mostly covered the initial introductions and housekeeping.

Click here to access a copy of the slide deck from the presentation

For Follow Up Boss customers - if you'd like to add the email templates and drip campaign we recommend for your long term leads to your account, head over to this link and then copy the plan called 'Buyer Long Term Nurture'.

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