January 2017 – Roundup

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January marked an exciting start to the year for Follow Up Boss!

Through the unbridled support of our customers, who are our number 1 source of new business through your referrals, we had huge number of new customers join us.

Bringing on new customers is the only way we are able to continue building a better follow up system, faster, while maintaining exclusive focus on what YOU the customers want us to focus on.


In January we welcomed Paul Moore to the team! Paul brings with him a ton of real estate experience having spent the last several years at Zillow in roles that cover customer success/account management, marketing and training. We’re excited to bring his experience to our customers (and to hear his stories about what it was like to work at Zillow in the early days!).

And now, without further ado…here is all the awesome stuff we released in January 2017.

Android Beta


Well, it’s here! The Follow Up Boss Android Beta program is up and running!

Click here to join

The beta program is open to everyone, so free to share this link with other members of your team who want access to the beta. Please note that you have to join the google group in order to have access to the download link for the app.

Also, since this is a Google Group, feel free to ask questions and give feedback about the beta app. We’ll try our best to respond in a timely manner. Keep in mind that this is a Beta, which means it is a work in progress and some features will be absent for the time being, such as notes, tasks, and searching.

Our latest Beta release brings the inbox to Android, as well texting, and notifications for new text messages.

Thank you for your patience and enjoy!

New Features

See If Team Member Has Contact Before Adding

We alert you when you search for a person who’s not yet in your database, but is in a team members database. This way you can avoid unintentionally adding a duplicate contact.

We also alert you when you add a person from the “Add Person” modal.

Reorder and add descriptions to your smart lists

We have added a new screen that lets you easily manage lists, including changing name, description, sharing, deleting, and finally reordering them.

You can find this screen by clicking on the cog next to your smart lists on the people screen, or by going to Admin -> Manage Lists.

From there, you’ll be able to edit the name and description by hovering over and clicking these fields, and using the grab handles on the left side of each row to reorder them.

Phone Labels / Bad Number

We brought back labels for phone numbers in FUB2! You can now set what ever label you want for you phone numbers. You can also mark a phone number as bad, which will give you visual indicators about the number being bad.

Clear your overdue tasks

You now have the ability to clear your overdue tasks. If you go into Calendar -> Overdue, you will now see a link to clear all your overdue tasks (if you have tasks to clear). For more information, see our article on working with tasks.

Advanced Lead Flows

Advanced Lead Flows have now been released in FUB2. Advanced lead flows give you the ability to route leads in FUB based on particular criteria. If you are familiar with Advanced lead flows from FUB classic, we’ve made some improvements in FUB2:

  • Real time updates on the main lead flow screen
  • Ability to archive lead flows
  • Price “is equal to” operator
  • Rule based on MLS numbers (better target a specific listing)
  • Rule based on phone number
  • Ability to copy rules from other lead flows

Read more about Advanced Lead Flows here: http://help.followupboss.com/article/297-advanced-lead-flow-rules

Change Virtual Phone Numbers

Follow Up Boss provides users with the ability to assign virtual phone numbers to team members. Simply search for a phone number in your area by searching by area code in the edit phone modal. You can find the edit button for users under “Admin->Billing”, and the edit icon for the account level phone number under “Admin->Action Plans->Edit Action Plan icon”.

View who is next in the round robin rotation

On the groups screen, the order of the round robin is now shown, from left to right. The next person to receive a lead in a group will be highlighted.

Show an explanation why smart list is empty

When a smart list is empty we now show a brief text to explain why.

App Status Link

Added a link to the App Status Page, so if the app is acting up, there is a quick way to see if there is an issue going on with the product.

Filter by address

When viewing the list of people, you can now filter for contacts that have or do not have an address associated with them.

Email notifications about leads assigned to other agents

Admins can now receive email notifications about all leads coming into their Follow Up Boss account including the ones assigned to other agents. See more information about this feature.


“Next Task” column renamed.

The “Next Task” column is now renamed to “My Next Task”. This column, even if you are an agent, only shows tasks assigned to you, the logged in user.

Hide the Get Started button

You can now hide the blue Get Started button on the top toolbar using the link in the Getting Started section of Followup Boss. The button will also automatically be hidden when all steps but the training videos are completed.

Reduce the width of columns

There were some columns on the People Table we introduced that were wider than they need to be. This was primarily because of the column title. So in order to help reduce the space, we added icons to help keep column widths smaller. http://jmp.sh/49AtnF6

People Table Improvments

New Features

  • You can now save columns for smart lists!
  • Improved Navigation, when you apply filters/columns, got to a contact, clicking the back button in your browser will retain your last filters/columns.
  • Extra notification for unsaved smart lists.

Bugs Fixes

  • When looking at an Assigned User, contacts will be added and updated correctly now.
  • When looking at contacts from an import, you can no longer save that as a smart list.
  • When you see all results from the search bar, you will no longer be able to save that as a smart list.
  • Horizontal scrolling should be fixed for browsers that don’t have touch enabled.
  • When you create a new list from a saved list, it will now be disabled until you enter a name.
  • Minor performance improvements.

Take action directly from the people table

We have added buttons to quickly call, send a text message, or send an email directly from the people table screen. With the calling feature, a call can be placed with a single click. Pressing the text message button will open up the person’s page to send a text message, and clicking on the email address will bring you to the person’s page to compose an email.

Various Client Side Changes

We fixed 4 minor JavaScript bugs, we also released several style improvements:

  • Certain scenarios, “Remove” on the Social Profile box was hidden by intercom widget, added some padding to give it some room.
  • The opens/clicks are more obvious: https://jumpshare.com/v/bWpEuLL34qSOvOHrQK3d
  • App Status verbiage is now “System Status”.
  • People View, when loading the page, the icons seem broken because they stack directly on top of one another. http://jmp.sh/l2CxIfx

Improved sync to Google Calendar

We have improved syncing tasks from Follow Up Boss to Google Calendar.

When you edit a task in Follow Up Boss, the event in Google Calendar will be updated. If you add a time to an existing task, that task will be synced to Google Calendar as well.

For any newly synced tasks we will show a “G” icon next to the time on the task, clicking this icon will take you directly to the event in your Google Calendar.

Notify Lender of new assigned Leads

Lenders will now receive leads when sending an event into our API and specifying an assigned Lender.

Performance boost when typing an email

A few customers complained there was a lag when typing an email, that should now be fixed.

Show completed tasks

You can now expand the list of tasks on a person’s page in order to show tasks that have been marked as completed.


Sorting on columns with an icon

Fixed a small bug when trying to sort on the columns with an icon.

Filtering people by custom field

Filtering people by a specific custom field is now working as expected.

Apartments.com Lead Emails

Apartments.com leads sent in via email will now correctly show up in Followup Boss. Previously, they would be assigned to a source of ‘Website’.

App push notifications not delivered

Released a fix for the rare case of push notifications not being delivered. This would only happen if an incoming text message from a contact was extremely long or a contact had a large number of tags.

Send and Archive

Released a fix where when in the inbox and replying to an email and you click “Send & Archive” it didn’t actually archive and go to the next message. That is now fixed and will go to the next message.

Fix for sending action plan emails to people with comma in their name

We fixed an issue where action plan emails wouldn’t be sent to people that have a comma or other special characters in their name.

Fix for Replying to action plan emails

There was an issue when replying to Action Plans, MailChimp, Top Marketer or Happy Grasshopper emails. The send email seem to freeze and not send. This is now functioning.

Fix for “Loading People…” message

When the people table is done loading contacts, the message in the top left will now display correctly and no longer say “Loading People…”.

Editing a team member

Fixed problem that occurred when changing more than one field for a team member. For example–if you changed the team member’s name then changed their phone number and clicked Save, only the phone number change would be saved.

Always send email notifications about notes and tasks

We now send email notifications about notes added to a contact assigned to you and tasks assigned or reassigned to you for all platforms FUB Classic, FUB2 and mobile apps.

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