January 2019 Product Update

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WOW! Welcome to 2019!

We just flew through what is historically the busiest month of the year for our customer service teams here at Follow Up Boss and showing no signs of slowing.

The good news is, as always we’re continuing to bolster our ranks with 4 new team members coming on board this month with Melissa, Madeline, Malia and Jarrell joining to help us in sales and support roles in an effort to provide faster, more complete service to customers both when they’re evaluating the product, and once they’ve signed on so we can help them grow.

We’re also still hiring and have a few open positions so if you know anyone who would love to have a big impact at a growing company, and who thrives on the opportunity to help small businesses grow, send em our way!

This month’s highlights:

  • New support platform and reorganized help desk
  • Send batch emails to all emails (so you can include spouses in same email thread)
  • Lender texting enabled
  • Separate first and last name fields to make merge fields work properly when you have spouses on the same contact


New Support System and Knowledge Base

After several months of heavy lifting from our support team, we have fully migrated to a new, more robust support platform in a continued effort to provide faster, more actionable support for customers who need it.

A big part of that was a complete reorganization and update of our knowledge base which is where you’re able to get instant answers to the most common (and many times uncommon!) questions our customers ask.


This opens the door for lots of new opportunities to continue reducing response times and getting answers to you in as close to real-time as possible.

Send batch emails to all email addresses!

You can now send your batch emails to all email addresses on each selected person. Many of our customers add the spouse’s email address and an additional email on the same contact in Follow Up Boss, so this makes it a lot easier to ensure the emails you send get to both decision makers.

To make this really effective for emailing spouses, when you choose this option, we put all the emails on a contact in the ‘to’ field, so that both the contact and their spouse are part of the same email conversation, and they can hit ‘reply all’ so you and their spouse can see their response.

Screenshot 2019-01-23 13.29.52.png


Lenders with calling enabled can now text

We recently added the ability for lenders to text clients from right inside Follow Up Boss when they have the calling add-on enabled as well.

This makes Follow Up Boss even more powerful when you’re collaborating closely with your lender partners and enables you to deliver a more seamless client experience.

Multiple emails and phones per field now supported in imports

When importing a .CSV file, we now recognize the vertical bar ‘|’ character as a separator for phone numbers, email addresses and tags. This will make it much easier to import exports from Boomtown, Firepoint and other systems which include multiple email addresses in the email column, or multiple phone numbers in the phone column.

Zillow Tech Connect lead processing improvements

We just released two improvements for lead processing via Zillow Tech Connect:

  1. Leads which Zillow has marked as “a direct call from a consumer” are now tagged with “Zillow Direct Call” in Follow Up Boss, you can use that tag on the lead flow screen in FUB.
  2. When Zillow directly assigns a lead via Zillow Tech Connect, we only honor that re-assignment if it is a new lead or the lead originally came in through Zillow. If the lead entered your Follow Up Boss account from a different lead source, we will not allow Zillow to re-assign it.

Google Button

To better meet google branding guidelines, as well as keeping the button familiar to everyone, we have swapped out the google button to match their design.

Screen Shot 2019-01-25 at 8.37.50 AM.png

Separate first and last name fields

We have split up the first and last name fields. This means Follow Up Boss no longer has to split this up automatically, which ensures you always get the correct first or last name in your merge fields.

Screenshot 2019-01-16 11.00.09.png


Daily Hot Sheet no longer shows deleted appointments

The daily Hot Sheet email had a bug, which caused it to include deleted appointments. This bug has been fixed.

With this and a number of other recent improvements to the calendar, it’s now easier than ever to book appointments on behalf of your agents and keep track of their availabilities to help them stay busy and close more deals.

People Table – Ignore filter for reports

There were cases, for example when viewing contacts from a report, where we would save this as a preference on the people table for later. These can sometimes be very large, and this isn’t something you want to be saved as a preference on the people table.

We no longer will save these filters on the All People screen.

Fix for texting on iPhone

The latest update (v2.6.2) fixes a bug where tapping on a notification for a message from a lead could temporarily cause it to appear in the wrong thread when the app opens.

Fix for Zillow event times

We released a fix for events created for leads coming in via Zillow Tech Connect sometimes showing an incorrect time. We now always use the time the event was added to FUB, which should be more accurate.

Fix for notes on iPhone

We released a fix for notes on iPhone. There was an error that caused the iPhone app to be stuck in a loading animation (3 pulsing grey circles).

To pick up the fix you will need to close app. Double tap the home button and swipe up on the Follow Up Boss app from the list of running apps.

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