July 2017 Feature Roundup

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Back again with another roundup of new features and improvements to Follow Up Boss!

The highlights include 4 new features that further simplify the system, and will increase follow up speed for our power users:

  • Last Communication Column (to make creating smart lists based on last contact easier)
  • Slash Commands (part of a series of future updates that add keyboard shortcuts to the system to improve follow up speed)
  • Task Reminders (to improve tracking of important follow ups and appointments)
  • Delay Initial Auto-text (for a more realistic looking initial response to new leads)

Lots more fun and exciting improvements due out in the next couple of weeks which as a heavy FUB user myself, I’m really excited about and can’t wait to share them with you!

New Features

Last Communication Column

We added a new column to the people table called Last Communication

By creating one column on the people screen titled “Last Communication”, we can show you what was the last outgoing/incoming call, text, or email. You can then filter by days, and be able to show leads you haven’t communicated with in X days.

Last Communication field will be updated on any communication incoming or outgoing, including:

  • A user sends an email to the person
  • The person sends an email to a user
  • A user sends a text to the person
  • The person sends a text to a user
  • A user calls the person, regardless of the call outcome
  • The person calls a user, regardless of the call outcome

This information is also easily accessible on the person’s details page as well.

Slash Command apply templates

We added the ability to be able to more quickly apply templates and send emails.

On a new line, you can press / which will open up a search dialog which you can easily select and apply a template. This enables you to easily be able to apply multiple email templates in the same email.

You can also send emails by pressing ctrl+enter (or cmd+enter for mac) when focused on the body. This should make it quicker for you to type and send an email and move on to the next client.

Task Reminders

You can now set a reminder for a task. This is only available for tasks with a time set. The reminder will be sent via email and desktop notification.

Delay Initial Action Plan Text Message

For a more natural appearance, the initial text message sent to new leads may be delayed by a period of minutes. You can set a delay while editing an action plan, below the box to write the content of the text message.


Timeline Improvements

We’ve adjusted the styling of the FUB2 timeline to reduce the amount of scrolling needed to view items.

Additionally, to assist in viewing more items on the timeline, we’ve made action plan emails collapsed by default.

Most users do not need to read the same action plan email that goes out to leads.

If you do, you can simply click the “View action plan email” link to expand the email.

Minor UX changes to slash commands

Based on some feedback, we made a couple minor tweaks to how the slash commands work. You can now tab to apply a template and when you click somewhere else in the email, it will hide the popover.

FUB2 Timeline now shows events of all types

Before this improvement, only inquiry related events would be shown on the FUB2 timeline. Now events of all types will be shown on the FUB2 timeline. This means events from integrations or partners will now be clearly visible on the timeline.

Additionally, two other improvements were made:

  1. MLS number is now shown on the timeline for events that include a property, where MLS number was provided.
  2. Certain lead emails that are not a part of an event would not show up in FUB2 timeline, they now will.

Export Calls and Texts

When you export your contacts from FUB, the export file now includes all calls recorded and text messages exchanged with contacts.

Auto-tag Toggle

Account owners can now turn off tags automatically created for city and zip code from activity by a lead.

For some accounts the number of tags can become overwhelming from these activities.

Please be aware that if you are using lead flow advanced rules that have tags based on city or zip code, that toggling this feature can affect those lead flows.

API Page in FUB2

Our improvements to the API page are now live!

  1. Show API page to all users, not just admins
  2. Show lead email address on the page for all users
  3. If you are the account owner, you can view all of your team members’ lead addresses

Android: Task improvements

We released an update that lets you go directly to a leads detail page by tapping on their name from within a task. We’ve also squashed some other task related bugs for users of FUB classic.

Call Bar Improvements

  • Improved Add Person button, should be easier to see
  • Improved button to view contact details when you aren’t on their contact screen.
  • Added phone label next to the person you’re talking to.
  • When updating the contact, the call bar will better reflect that data

Company Virtual Phone Number

The company virtual phone number (the number used for text messages) has been added the the company settings screen for easier access to change the area code of your phone number. You can read more about the virtual phone number here.

Android: Emails support and more

Emails from your leads now display in the Inbox and Conversations tab on the latest version of the app. Also your email signature now displays when sending emails through the app.

Additionally there are a number of less noticeable enhancements to the stability of the app that should lead to an overall better experience.


Android: Call logging bug fixes

In rare cases, some calls were incorrectly logged under the leads in the system when they should not have been. Also the call notes prompt would sometimes appear twice after making a call. These issues have been fixed as of the latest version of the app.

Draft cleanup

We introduced a small bug that caused some issues with cleaning up drafts after you send the email. That only lasted for 30 minutes and it didn’t impact sending of emails.

iPhone: Property inquiry crash fixed

Some property inquiries would crash when you tapped on them viewing a contact – not anymore. Update to the latest version to get this fix.

Getting started layout on small resolutions

Getting started was getting squashed on smaller resolution screens, we put a fix in to prevent that.

Android: Call notes dialog

Fixed a bug that could prevent the call notes dialog from appearing in the app after completing a call with a lead. Get the latest version here.

Log Call, Progress notifications and Inbox labels

Fixed 3 small UX issues:

  • Failed email (rarely do they happen) now have a label applied to them in the inbox.
  • Log call button would sometimes get stuck at saving, this is fixed and will warn you that it failed to log the call. This is most likely due to network connectivity.
  • When you do a mass action and you’re given a progress notification in the bottom left, this wasn’t position correctly, it has now been corrected.

As always, we will continue to refine and make our app feel and look nice!

Team Member count and Deal word wrapping

We released a couple small bug fixes for team member count (on the Admin > Team) screen, it was reported that it would not automatically update if you added/removed a user.

Long deal names also wrap, this was just a minor styling issue but none the less things should always look nice on our app!

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