July 2019 Product Update

Follow Up Boss Tips
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New Features

Quick Call & Text

Recently we've added two new ways to quickly reach out to your contacts, or any phone number even if it is not added to a contact in your Follow Up Boss account. You can reach the quick call and text buttons in the main menu from anywhere in Follow Up Boss.


Copy Best Practices, Improved Drag n drop and more tooltips!

We have improved the drag and drop of columns on the people screen. It should be a bit more reliable.

Copy best practices wasn't copying over the conditions, that is now fixed.

When viewing a call in the timeline, we added more tooltips to show the phone number when hovering over a person's name.

Improved Mobile Experience on Desktop App

We have made a few small improvements around people using the Desktop app on their mobile device, most screen should now go down nicely to 1024px and it will not go any smaller than that, where as before the header would scale and things would often times be in a messy unorganized state.

Talk Time and Time to First Call filters

On the People screen, the filters for Talk Time and Time to First Call now filters by minutes rather than seconds.

Also, the Time to First Call column was originally 'First Call Time' which was confused with the length of the first call, rather than how long it took for a first call to be made to the lead.

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