June 2017 Feature Roundup

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In June we shipped a number of key new features, but also spent time focused on making some huge performance improvements in the backend of our system, while also making a lot of smaller tweaks and improvements to many of our most heavily used features.

The performance improvements have been able to increase the response time of the system by between 25% and 30%. It may not be sexy, but for people using the system every single day, it makes a HUGE difference.

Hope you love the improvements this month and as always, some really exciting stuff in the pipeline coming soon!


We brought on 2 new Customer Support Champions this month to help serve you faster! Both new team members come with extensive tech company customer support experience and in their first few weeks have already become huge contributors and have helped us improve response time to customer inquiries by over 30%!

Here are just a few of the comments coming in from customers this last week:


We’re thrilled to welcome Steffany and Erik to the team and excited to see how they’re able to help us continue improving the customer experience.

New Features


We are pleased to introduce the dashboard! You will be taken to the dashboard when you login or when you click on the Follow Up Boss icon in the main menu. See an overview of your account as well as the most recent lead activity.

The recent activity updates in real time and you can filter what events are shown.

Calendar: Custom Date Filter

In the calendar you can now filter custom date fields such as birthdays and anniversaries!

Calendar Filter: Deal Closings

Deal closings has now been added on the calendar and can be filtered on or off.

Email Drafts

Follow Up Boss will now save email drafts when you begin to compose an email when viewing a person, or on the Inbox screen. Any drafts belonging to the person will be automatically loaded when pressing the ‘Send Email’ button.

You can also view any drafts you have in progress from the new Drafts tab on the Inbox page. Never lose an email again!

Link Previews in Emails

When you paste a link into an email it will be converted to a nice preview. You have the option to display the original link or remove the preview.

You can also edit the preview title and description.

Webhooks for emails

Integration partners can now subscribe to email events using webhoooks.

This helps integrations to be actively notified about updates that happen within FUB that they care about, which can improve the quality of the integration.

Webhooks for Text Messages

Integration partners can now subscribe to text message events using webhoooks.

This helps integrations to be actively notified about updates that happen within FUB that they care about, which can improve the quality of the integration.

Android: Addresses for leads

You can now view and get directions to addresses for your leads. Addresses will appear below email addresses at the bottom of the lead detail screen. Tap on the address to see it on a map.

Android: Filter leads by agent

We’ve added a handy tool for account owners and users with admin access. Users with admin access will now see a new toolbar on the People screen which lets them find leads assigned to a specific agent.


Better Search Lists

With some of the recent improvements to our front-end software, it exposed some areas that we could improve on. One of that being tabbing to checkbox. Along with this fix it has also improved performance a bit as well.

So now, when you search for a tag, you can press ‘tab’, then ‘space’ to selected it and ‘enter’ to save. This is really helpful if you’re adding a bunch of tags to a contact.

API Security Updates

We have made some updates to our API to further increase the security of non-public endpoints to ensure that integrations using API keys of users are only able to access endpoints they are allowed to and cannot retrieve sensitive information.

FUB2 Maintenance and Stability update

In order to be able to continue bringing you better features, we have upgraded our software that powers FUB2. This brings more stability to our product, minor speed improvements, as well as the ability to utilize new features that will increase speed in the future.

We will continue to maintain our product and fix any issues that come up.

Speed-to-Action Reporting

Speed-to-action reporting in FUB2 has been updated to be more intuitive. Leads included in the speed-to-action reporting must meet the following criteria:

  • Not in the trash
  • Created via email inbox processing, forward to @followupboss.me account or API
  • At least one followup activity (call, email, text message or note)

To report on the leads Not Acted On you can select the question ‘How many leads have we not acted on’ question on the Reporting Page or select those columns to show on any report.

Core speed improvements

We have completed upgrades behind the scenes that improves the speed of responses from our API by 25-30%.

Since FUB2 and our iOS / Android mobile apps are powered by our API, they in turn benefit from this improvement by loading data that much faster.

Signup flow and invite agent flow

We have improved the signup flow to include hooking up office 365. We also improved the overall experience with that.

When you invite agents, the email design has been updated, and also if a link expires, you will no longer have to resend it, it will automatically resend when the invited person visits the link.

Getting Started Updates & Bug Fixes

We made some adjustments to better help onboard people into Follow Up Boss.

  • Improved styles
  • Improved error message verbiage
  • Hide getting started footer when on the getting started page.
  • Add in a help link and make sure account owners have access to the import task.
  • The getting started footer should not cover up content within the app.

Calendar Filter and other Improvements

We’ve just released some improvements to the calendar screen:

  1. A tab for the left side panel to distinguish tasks from appointments.
  2. Improved styling and colors to make calendar items clearer.
  3. A calendar filter on the top right, which now allows users to uncheck items from their Google Calendar that did not originate from FUB (their personal calendar items).

More calendar filters coming soon!

BombBomb Improvements

You can now delete videos in your BombBomb library directly from Follow Up Boss, which may be handy if you are sending highly personalized videos. Additionally, we have increased the size of the thumbnail for BombBomb videos sent in emails to match the official size.

Email Recipient Autocomplete

We have made sending emails to people faster and easier by allowing you to easily search by name or email for To, CC, and BCC recipients.

Keyboard controls are fully supported and you can paste in comma or semicolon separated recipients in various formats, such as John Smith <j.smith@example.org>

Additionally, clicking an email address on the left side details section will add the email to the currently focused recipient field.


Import View, Deals loading flicker and IE11 fix

The import landing screen on low resolutions was cutting off the upload CSV button. This is now fixed.

The deals showed an extra flicker when initially loading, there is now one less flicker. It’s not perfect and we will continue to make this feel more smooth.

IE11 had a few JS errors, while we don’t fully support IE11 we do try and keep it functioning for the few remaining people using it.

Lead Flow Advanced Price Rule Bug Fix

We found a bug where lead flows with advanced rules that involved a price, would not properly match if the price was not a part of an included property, but rather solely include for the lead.

This bug has been fixed and these price rules should now trigger properly.

Fix for Import Screen on Safari

There was an issue with the import screen showing up correctly on safari, that should now be fixed.

Fix for checking when android app is downloaded and logged into.

There was a bug for some users, when they downloaded and logged into the app, it wouldn’t update the getting started download app card. This is now fixed.

You may need to log out and back into the android app to have this cleared up.

Process leads sent to 2 FUB lead addresses

Before if a lead email was sent to 2 or more FUB lead email addresses it wasn’t processed and just silently dropped. Now it processes the lead using one of the lead email addresses it was sent to.

Reassigning a person no longer reassigns tasks assigned to others

When you reassigned a person it used to reassign all tasks created by action plans including the tasks assigned to other users such as ISA. Now it only reassigns tasks that were assigned to the same user as the person was assigned to, so tasks for the agent gets reassigned but not the tasks for other users.

Import screen scrollbars and onboarding verbiage

The import screen had some weird functioning scrollbars. That is now fixed. Also the onboarding verbiage has been updated to be a bit more readable.

Dashboard Updates

Recent activity is now filtered by the selected team member. The dashboard will now remember your filter setting, user selection and timeframe selection.

Corrected a Deals bug on People View

When you created a deal on a person screen, it would then show the loading icon. This has been corrected and will now appropriately show the Loading icon only when it is loading.

Email templates that are not editable can still be deleted.

It was not possible before to delete an email template that was not editable. Some email templates are ready only, but they still should be able to be deleted given proper access. This is now possible when viewing the email template.

Android: Fixed texting bug

We’ve fixed a bug that could cause the app to crash when texting. (v2.0.24)

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