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We did a webinar/interview with the ‘Grandfather of Lead Conversion’ Mitch Ribak. Mitch has been in the Internet lead conversion game since back when he ran what at the time was the world’s largest online dating site, to the 13 years he’s spent as broker owner of Tropical Realty Beachside in Melbourne, FL.

In this session he held nothing back – giving his absolute best scripts, email templates and strategies for lead conversion and management, and also giving detailed answers about his internal business policies and numbers like splits and how he compensates his Inside Sales Agent team.

We had almost 1500 people register, and the feedback after the session was overflowing with excitement and gratitude for what Mitch shared, for how he answered some of the toughest questions facing Realtors today when it comes to their Internet lead business.

View the Full Presentation Recording Here:

And Grab the Presentation Slides Here:

Mitch also shared the sheet he uses to keep on top of how all his agents are performing with the leads he provided them every single week. If the agents didn’t fill this out, he instantly turned off their leads.

Click here to download the agent tracking sheet

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