March 2017 Feature Roundup

Follow Up Boss Tips
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Hot off the presses, here’s your update on everything we shipped in March!

New Features

Quiet Hours for Action Plan Text Messages

In order to boost lead engagement and comply with FCC regulations, Follow Up Boss will not send out action plan initial text messages from 9pm – 8am, based on the local time of the agent that the lead was assigned to. The text message will be sent at 8am the following morning.

For more information please see

Lender Groups and Lead Flow Lender Round Robin

We have introduced group types, which allow you to create groups for lenders in addition to groups for agents and brokers.

With these new lender groups, you now have the ability to round robin lender assignment for lead flows like you can for agents.

Last Email Open Column

We released a new column for the people table called “Last Email Open”. It lets you see who has recently opened or clicked on a link in an email sent from Follow Up Boss. This includes individual and action plan emails.

Notes webhook support

Our integration partners may now use webhooks to track events regarding notes. For more information please see


New Lead Email Design

We have improved the design of the new lead email. Also, when you re-assign a lead, it will include the previous property inquiry if there is one, that way we give as much context as possible to the new assigned agent.

Filter Timeline

There have been a few requests for filtering the timeline, so we now are introducing a quick way to filter those events. You can filter to just emails, texts, calls, notes and activities.

Include text messages in the action plan details window

We will now show the status of text messages that were sent as part of an action plan when viewing the details.

Select all rules when copying lead flow rules

When copying lead flow rules from lead flows with a lot of rules, it can be a pain to select them all. Now you can easily select all of them.

Customize the date range for reports

When selecting the date range for a report you can now enter a custom start date and end date.

Forwarding options for incoming calls

We recently updated our incoming call behavior to ring both FUB and your phone number at the same time. While this ring both behavior is desired by many. We have now added in the original forwarding behavior back as the default, while still being able to ring both. This should provide the flexibility to handle incoming calls for the needs of many different teams.

Visual indicator of email addresses that are unsubscribed

We’ve released a small improvement to better indicate that email addresses for a person are unsubscribed. This can be easier to spot that the tag shown in emails in the timeline.

Login Design

We have improved the look and feel of the login section. It now is closer in design to our FUB2 app.


New Lead Email Design fixes

After we released it, there were some minor things that we wanted to change based on some feedback:

  • Fix the received spelling error.
  • Retain the ability to reply to leave note.
  • Add original email to the email notification as a FWD.
  • slightly different verbiage for Lead Alerts vs a new contact.

Grammarly fix with Logging Calls

There was a bug with correctly showing the logging call input area when users had the Grammarly Chrome Extension installed. That is now fixed.

Agent/Lender Collaborators can now properly view actions plans for a person.

With the release of collaborators, agent and lender collaborators should have been able to view action plans when viewing a person. This was not happening and has been fixed.

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