March 2018 Feature Roundup

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Can you believe it’s April already?

We’ve had our heads down working on some serious improvements to your Follow Up Boss experience.

March’s updates were all about faster, more seamless ways to get your contacts and info imported so you never have to think twice about keeping everything in one place.

We also added some cool new features like a text autoresponder for open houses and caller ID for iPhone.

There’s lots more inside. Check it out!


  1. Caller ID on iPhone
  2. ‘Visited Open House’ Text Autoresponder
  3. Supercharged Importing!
  4. Training Resources Page
  5. Disconnected Email Improvements
  6. Easier imported action plan edits!

New Features

Caller ID on iPhone

We’re thrilled to announce that the latest version of the iPhone app includes caller ID for all incoming calls from your Follow Up Boss leads!

All you have to do is enable this feature in your iPhone settings and you’re good to go.

You can get full step-by-step instructions on that right here.


Don’t have the latest iPhone app? Grab it now!

‘Visited Open House’ Text Autoresponder

Tired of manually following up with your open house visitors? We’ve got great news!

We just released an update so that new leads from your Open House sign in apps like can now automatically trigger your action plan text autoresponder, just like other inquiry or registration events do!

Not only does this allow you to provide contact info to open house visitors instantly, but it also provides the homeowner enhanced security by allowing you to verify that you’ve got accurate contact info from your visitors.

Supercharged Importing!

We have optimized tags and imports like you’ve never seen!

As part of our ongoing speed improvements, we’ve made some awesome changes that will make adding and removing tags so much faster and deliver a noticeable boost in the speed of imports. (Hurray!)

If you’ve been delaying importing your databases from other systems, now’s your chance!

Training Resources Page

We have added a whole new page dedicated to helping you and your team get the most out of Follow Up Boss.

In the top right corner of your screen next to the user dropdown menu, you’ll see a book icon where you can find awesome training ‘Resources’ to help your and your team find answers to their questions and articles they might not otherwise know exist.

We also moved ‘Getting Started’ under this new tab.


Deal Reporting Button

We also added a nifty little button to the deals screen that takes you to straight to ‘Deal Reporting’. This is now available for everyone except lenders.


Search for people by tags

For integrations using our API, you can now easily search people by tags.

For example, the command: ‘GET /v1/people?tags=28105,Matthews’ will search for people that have a tag of 28105 OR Matthews.

It’s a super-targeted way to find exactly who you’re looking for.


Disconnected Email Improvements

Email disconnections happen, and they’re never fun.

When your email gets disconnected (usually due to a password change but can happen due to a number of reasons), it can cause leads to stop flowing into your account, and your email communications and calendar events to stop syncing.

That’s why we released some improvements to help Follow Up Boss users get their email addresses reconnected asap!

We now send an email notification to our Gmail and Office 365 users whenever a disconnect occurs. And now all users, not just Gmail users, will see the disconnected banner in Follow Up Boss when their email is disconnected.

Time Selection Improvement

Now, when you’re creating a task/appointment, when you go to add a time “8am” will show up as the top choice. Before it was showing midnight as the top choice which makes you have to do some serious scrolling in order to get to the hour you want.

There were also a few minor bug fixes so you can expect the desktop app to be even more stable now.

Easier imported action plan edits!

Ever since we added the Action Plan Library we’ve had requests to make it easier to edit imported action plans. Well, ask and you shall receive!

Before this update, an imported action plan was read-only. You had to make a copy of it before you could make any changes. With the new updates, you can now edit an imported action plan right away, just as with any other action plan.


Device Screen Improvements

We also improved the design of the ‘Devices’ screen in order to be able to help troubleshoot app issues better.

For example, if there is an app upgrade available, it’s much more noticeable now. You can also easily click a button to text a link and install the upgrade. Say goodbye to the drags and lags of outdated app versions! This will get you up-to-date fast.


Need the latest iPhone app? Grab it now!

Using an Android? Get the latest version here!

Faster creation of custom fields when importing

When importing contacts it’s common to map one of the columns to a custom field.

When selecting this option, the custom field name will now default to the name of the column in the import file. When many custom fields are created during an import, this little fix will save you a ton of time!

Person View and Timeline Speed Improvements!

If you’ve been following our updates, you know we’ve been making some steadfast improvements to the ‘Person’ view. This last one (the fourth and final update!) specifically targeted the improvement of the email timeline item.

For accounts with a lot of events, things were starting to drag a little. We’re pleased to report that we’ve made some tweaks to allow the timeline to load faster!

Each of these changes individually has a pretty small impact, but all of them combined should dramatically reduce the amount of lag you see while on the ‘Person’ screen and from your timeline.

If you still run into any lag issues, please let us know!

Main Menu Design

We tweaked the main menu design just a bit for better usability on more screen sizes. This will also help us scale as we look to add more awesome features to the main menu bar.


Using the Avatar in the main menu

Based on your feedback, we made a change to the recent main menu design and we now show the avatar. Eventually, we’ll allow for adding images (like your spiffy new logo or headshot) but for now it will show your initials and when you hover over it, it will also show your name.


Find contacts added or updated by an import

We updated the past ‘Import’ list to now include the ‘Updated’ and ‘Duplicate’ contact count. Now you never have to wonder if you’re lead count is really what you think it is.

All you have to do is click on the count to view those contacts.



Bug fix for connecting Office 365 email

There was a nasty bug where Office 365 users couldn’t connect their email with Follow Up Boss, even with the correct credentials. This seemed to pop when users were previously connected through a different email provider, such as Gmail.

We’re pleased to report this bug has now been fixed!

Small button spacing fix

On the dashboard, there was a bit of extra spacing on the ‘View all people’ button, and that just IS NOT acceptable. We have rectified this situation and everyone’s OCD should start to stabilize again!


Text Template Tracking and more

There was an issue with tracking the usage of text message templates. This is now fixed!

We also adjusted the color for disconnected email on the team screen so that you can immediately see when you’re no longer connected. Also, after three days some users were running into an issue with searching, this should also be fixed!

Mobile Device Duplicates on iOS app

With the iOS app 2.2.19 release, duplicate devices show up on the ‘Devices’ screen. Upgrading to 2.2.20 will help fix this problem and we will continue to actively remove these duplicate devices as people upgrade to 2.2.20.

Grab the latest version here!

Admin link for agents and lenders

The Admin link wasn’t functioning quite right. It was sending them to a page they don’t have access to. This is now fixed and you’re admin can now get exactly where they need to go!

There was also a fix for malformed CSV imports, that’s now been taken care of!

We’re on a mission to make Follow Up Boss the best CRM ever for distraction-free follow up.

Get our new guideline for free


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