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Our developers have been busy making it even easier to follow up with your real estate leads and get more appointments.

Email Templates

You can now setup your own templates inside Follow Up Boss, which will let you quickly work through your leads and get more replies. You can even merge in information like the property address that the lead inquired about!


Email templates for mobile!

We know real estate agents are always on the go. So you can send your templates in just 2 clicks on mobile!


Email CC and BCC

There is a lot more than 1 person involved in the home buying process! We’ve just made it easier to quickly CC and BCC spouses, lenders and other agents on your emails.


Groups for teams

Want all your seller leads to go to a particular group of agents or to yourself? want all your Trulia leads assigned to a different group? You got it it with our new Groups feature.

Easily switch agents off any time. Access it in the top right menu.


Better history

We now give you more information about just what was edited when someone updates a contact.

Updated history

Advanced email parser

We’ve increased the amount of data you send to us via email and your website forms.


Some of the sexy new additions include:

  • -PPC Data
  • -Tags
  • -Property details
  • -Background info

See the technical docs.

Jotform video guide (note the video uses the basic format).

New Lead Sources added

Money Making Websites

The full list of lead providers Follow Up Boss supports is here.

Link source to external system

We’ve added a link back to some external website systems, so you can easily move between Follow Up Boss and your website.

External Website Link

Customer Happiness

We also started tracking customer happiness on our new public dashboard.

97% happy, 2% satisfied and 1% unhappy. Our goal is to top that this month.

That’s it for March bring on April!

To see an overview and more video’s about Follow Up Boss click here.

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