March Features Round Up

Follow Up Boss Tips
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Instant Text Messages

You can now setup Follow Up Boss to automatically text your new leads when they make an inquiry.

Once turned on you’ll start getting responses from new leads straight away.

When someone responds to a text or calls the number back it’s auto logged into Follow Up Boss and of course sent out to the assigned agent.

People will usually text back right away as more and more inquiries come from mobile phones.


For more information see the help article.

New Faster Import Wizard

There has never been a better time to get all your contacts organized in one place with our new Import wizard.

Just upload your .csv files and your minutes away from having everything correctly mapped and imported to Follow Up Boss.

For more information see our help article.

Updated lead sources

As usual we’ve updated over 20 lead sources to make sure your leads flow smoothly into Follow Up Boss no matter where they come from.

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