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Want to follow along and use the same system Preston’s ISA team uses to double their closed deals? Get your free trial of Follow Up Boss here.

Important Note: This session is not ‘entry level’, nor is it for people desperate to change their fate overnight. This session is for team leaders and brokers who are ready to make a long term investment in providing an exceptional client experience and understand the impact that will create in their business.

“Awesome Webinar! Thank You!”
-Mike Stewart

“Very helpful seminar – thanks for the openness!”
-Patrick Lafferty

“Thx for sharing Preston & Rainbow – Very Helpful”
-Bob Engel

This is just some of the feedback we get immediately after this session with Preston Guyton and his Sales Manager Rainbow Russell!

Without further ado:

Preston’s Presentation Slides

There were a LOT of questions about how Preston is generating leads on this webinar but since we had a short time to cover a huge process they’re running around lead conversion, we weren’t able to dedicate much time to it. Primarily, Preston is using a website from Sierra Interactive for lead generation and listing alerts and then running traffic to that site via Facebook and Google Adwords. Here’s what a well-integrated website is capable of with Follow Up Boss, along with suggestions of companies who have awesome integrations with us.

There’s a LOT of talk out there about leveraging ISAs in your business, but the majority of those conversations center around how that serves the agent and their business but leaves off the crucial element of how this allows you to provide a better service to your leads and clients.

It’s important for the investments you make in your business to generate a return, but often the difference in making that happen is focusing first on delivering a better experience for your clients and allowing the growth and benefits to follow.

Preston Guyton of CRG Companies in Myrtle Beach has been testing and perfecting the way his team delivers an exceptional client experience over the last 2 years, and as a result of this investment, they’ve closed as much business by the end of June this year, as they did in all of 2016 from their ISA program.

He, and his Client Care team leader Rainbow Russell, let us look ‘under the hood’ to see how they manage the entire client experience inside of Follow Up Boss.

First, Preston will share the high-level overview of their process and its objectives and results so far.

Then Rainbow will take over and show you:

  • How their first call ISA makes 200-300 calls per day inside of Follow Up Boss
  • How they manage the ‘handoff’ to the Client Care Coordinator who will stay with them through the rest of their buying experience
  • How and when they loop the sales agents in to get contracts signed and arrange showings
  • How they support the sales agents throughout the entire buying process
  • How they now have the Client Care Team take care of all post close activities and follow ups to generate repeats, referrals, and reviews
  • How Rainbow oversees the entire process to ensure the team is performing at the highest possible level
  • How they structure their weekly team meetings

I have been excited about putting this masterclass together for a long time as there are very few people innovating this space the way Preston’s team is and they absolutely delivered!

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