Masterclass: Structuring your Team for Lead Conversion

Lead Conversion
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The Grandfather of Lead Conversion, Mitch Ribak, came back to hang out with us for a follow up to his very popular session on lead conversion he gave last year.

In this session, we covered:

  • Who the right agents are for lead conversion and how to find them
  • The exact process he uses to get a 5.8% conversion rate on IDX website registration leads (when most people get less than 1% if they’re lucky)
  • How he holds his team accountable
  • How to structure your metrics so you can see immediately when something is wrong
  • How to coach underperformers to become your best agents
  • And a whole lot more

We had 430 people on live with us, so the Q&A was strong and provides a ton of extra value to this session.

So get out your pen and paper, and get ready to enjoy 70 minutes of PURE GOLD!

If you want to check out the other webinar Mitch did (which is referenced a few times in this session) click here.

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