May 2017 Feature Roundup

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Here’s everything we shipped in May:

New Features

Deal Tracking

Deal Tracking is now available to all customers. Use it to manage your own organization’s sales pipeline and track the progress of deals from creation to close. To access the deals page find it in the top menu.

For more information please see our new help area about Deal Tracking:

BombBomb Official Integration

We now officially support BombBomb in Follow Up Boss so users can add video to emails, email templates, and email signatures.

For more information on how to set this up, please see the following article:

Android: Call logging

Calls made from the new Android app are now automatically logged to Follow Up Boss. To add notes about your call, simply return to the app after a call has ended, and a dialog will appear allowing you to add notes. For more information on call logging, see the “Android” section of this help article.

Android: Action plans

The new Android app now supports action plans! You can quickly pause, resume, and activate plans for leads while you are on the go.

Android: Send email using templates

You can now send emails without leaving the app. You’ll now see a new “compose” screen when you try emailing a lead. From this screen you can tap on the templates button to choose from one of your existing email templates.

Android: v5.0 Lollipop support, background field, and more…

v2.0.13 has just been released. The app is now compatible with older devices running early versions of Lollipop. We’ve also added support for background info and fixed some minor bugs. Now when you click the blue button on the person screen, you’ll see an “Add background” button background info hasn’t already been added.

Android: Add and update phone numbers and email addresses

You can now see all phone numbers and email addresses for your leads in the new Android app (v2.0.12). You can edit and delete entries as well.


Android: Inbox and lead info

Now when you tap on a text message in the inbox, you will be taken directly to that lead’s detail screen. From there you can see all of the details on the lead before sending your reply. To reply, just tap on the conversation via the Conversations tab.

Android: Custom stages support

The stages list on the people screen now contains any custom stages that have been created on the web app. In addition, each stage now shows the number of people assigned to it.

CC/BCC information for emails in the timeline and inbox.

The timeline and inbox now show CC and BCC information for emails to make it clearer who all was sent the email.

Email Template Share/Delete logic improvements.

Previously agents could not share email templates, now they can share email templates they create.

Previously admins could not delete email templates created by FUB, now they can delete any template.

As before, email templates cannot be deleted if they are in use by an action plan and cannot be unshared if it is an email template created by FUB.

We’ve made it more obvious when an email template is in use by an action plan on the edit email template screen.


Fix for Deals when accounts remove all pipelines

There was an issue for accounts on Deals page when there were no pipelines. This is now fixed.

On the contact screen you will no longer be able to create a deal if there are no pipelines.

Android: Best Practice Smart Lists

A fix was released for an issue preventing best practice smart lists from being used on our Android App.

Assigned Lenders will receive new lead text notifications.

Assigned lenders were not receiving new lead text notifications like assigned agents. This has now been fixed and assigned lenders will receive text notifications for new leads according to their notification settings.

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