May 2018 Feature Roundup

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We’re just gonna say it. May was an EPIC month at Follow Up Boss.

From our super sweet new iPhone updates to follow up fixes from last months massive bug hackathon (35 bugs squashed!), we really rolled up our sleeves last month to make your Follow Up Boss experience extra awesome.

Here’s the full rundown of updates shipped in May!

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New Features

Tags on iPhone App!

Now you can easily add and edit tags, straight from your iPhone!

If a lead goes from lukewarm to hot while you’re out in the field, you no longer need to worry about updating the system when you get back to your desk. Just edit the tag straight from your iPhone app!

Here’s how you do it. From the Person details screen, tap the tags row to view all of the person’s tags.


Next, tap ‘Add tags’ to search for additional tags to add. Then add or edit the tags you need and you’re good to go!


New Way to Submit Feedback and Feature Requests

Customer insights are a BIG part of our success at Follow Up Boss. And we get a TON of great feedback every day.

So we’ve now made it even easier for you to give and upvote user feedback, straight from your user menu!

In the top right corner, you’ll see a ‘Give Feedback’ link which will take you to a specific form to give your feedback and make your feature requests.

To see what the process looks like step-by-step, check out our help article on how to submit feedback.


Zillow Lead Routing

As you may already know, Zillow is introducing some changes to prequalify leads before they are sent to Follow Up Boss.

We’re doing everything we can to support these changes by making sure we assign leads to the correct agent as per what Zillow has indicated to us when they send leads to Follow Up Boss through Zillow Tech Connect.

For prequalified leads, we will no longer trigger text responder. Instead, we’ve provided mechanisms for integrations in order to automatically know when a lead is prequalified and refrain from calling or texting that lead again.

This is all part of a greater effort to make sure Zillow and Follow Up Boss work completely in step so that every lead has a completely relevant experience with you and your team. For example, if leads are reassigned in Zillow, Follow Up Boss will immediately mirror that reassignment.

Zillow is rolling out these changes to its customers throughout the year and we’ll continue tracking these developments to make sure your leads get the best experience possible.


Appointments in Daily Hotsheet Emails

If you really want to win the day, you need a full picture of your day.

That’s why Daily Hotsheet emails no longer include deleted or declined appointments. Instead, when your agents receive their Daily Hotsheet emails, their first few appointments for the day will appear right on top, along with a link to view all appointments for the day.

Go forth and kill it!


Add as Collaborator when Re-assigning

For situations where more than one team member needs to stay in the know, you can now opt to keep them on as a ‘Collaborator’.

When re-assigning a contact, all the user has to do is agree to stay on as a Collaborator and that user will continue to have access to that contact.


Exclude Trash from Search

No one likes clutter.

That’s why we now exclude trashed contacts from the search widget.

Don’t worry. Nothing’s ever completely lost. Follow Up Boss can still search trashed contacts, we just don’t display them in the results.

If you need to look for something that’s been trashed, all you have to do is click the link at the bottom and you’ll be shown a list of the contacts we found in the trash on the ‘People’ page.


iOS App Updates

If you’ve been keeping up with our product updates over the past few months, you know we have a real need for speed.

Last month, we made a number of speed improvements in the app that should make your follow up work feel a whole lot faster.

We also made the following updates to help keep the iOS app in ship shape:

  • Certain lists in the app like email templates, agents, lead sources, etc. used to be limited to 100 items in the app. We removed the limit so you can now see all of your stuff.
  • We fixed a bug where recently received text messages might not immediately appear in the inbox when opening the app.
  • We improved performance when connected to slower cellular networks (data is now used more efficiently).
  • Fixed several areas where the app might have felt unresponsive while data is loading, such as when viewing email threads.
  • Additional UI improvements.


iPhone App Fix

We fixed one bug where Tasks might have been displaying funny for some users, and another that prevented the call logging feature from working as expected.

If your call logging isn’t working like it should, download the latest version now to make sure all your calls are properly logged (and take advantage of our awesome new Tagging feature and Settings screen!).

Download the latest version here!

Stopped the Slowdowns for Batch Emails!

We just released a fix for slowdowns that would occur when trying to use Follow Up Boss after large batch emails were started. These batch emails would trigger a flood of real-time updates that would bog down the browser for many users.

This has now been fixed!

Fixed: Only one admin receiving text/push notifications

There was a bug where only one Admin would receive text/push notifications about leads assigned to other users. Other admins received email notifications, but not text/push notifications.

This is related to admin notifications enabled with this setting:


Need more info on Lead Alerts? Check out this help article for the full deets.

Fixed: Not able to edit deals

There was a bug with editing deals that got introduced last week with a performance fix.

We have now resolved the issue while maintaining the performance improvements! #WinWin

Performance Boost and Other Fixes

Finally, as per our usual MO, we made some additional tweaks to enhance speed and performance.

  • We released a performance change to prevent the Person screen from freezing — but we’ll continue to monitor the situation to make sure the fix works.
  • We will now always show the export icon, it will just be disabled with a tooltip to let users know they’ll need to request access to be able to export.
  • When opening the text templates, the search box will now make it quicker to start your search.

And that’s a wrap!

We’ve been hard at work making sure you and your leads have an awesomely relevant (and fast!) experience. If you have any suggestions for us, don’t hesitate to hit the ‘Give Feedback’ link in the top right corner of your user menu and tell us all about!

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