May 2021 Product Roundup

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Now that May is in the rearview, let’s take a look back at the top product updates we focused on last month.

Here's the highlight reel:

New Automation actions

Thanks to a marathon month of work on Automations, we just released some huge improvements that help you and your team discover more deals from your existing leads.

We made three updates to Automations:

  1. A new Automation action for “reassign.”
  2. A new Automation action for “add note.”
  3. And we made Automations capable of triggering multiple actions at one time (specifically, once for each action). 

Here’s an example of an Automation (you can copy this right to your Follow Up Boss account) which turns cold leads into more appointments.

With this Automation turned on, if you get a new inquiry from a cold lead, the Automation will reassign the lead to another agent (or a group of agents) and add a reminder note for the newly assigned agent, so your team never misses an opportunity to start a conversation. 

Pro tip: you could even add a “start Action Plan” action to the Automation if you wanted an Action Plan to run at the same time. 

For an in-depth guide on how to use Automations, click here.

Contact Relationships

We released Contact Relationships, which make life easier when you’re working with multiple people together on a deal, like spouses or business partners.

Relationships organize all contact info and communication history for each person on one lead profile. This keeps everyone in the loop on communication and appointments, and it helps you build stronger relationships.

You can learn more about Contact Relationships in our guide here.

A stronger notification core

We made the system that handles our notifications more durable and reliable behind the scenes. This is one of those backend updates that isn’t visible on the surface, but it’s important work to make sure you never miss alerts.

Mobile improvements

Our May iPhone and Android updates revolved around adding initial support for Contact Relationships and several bug fixes, including some improvements that make emailing more reliable.

Settings page

We also made some design tweaks to the Settings page. The most visible change was making the page’s content wider, which paves the way for a future update our team’s working on to make editing your email signature easier. 

Stay tuned for more future updates on that, but that’s it for now. Thanks for being a part of Follow Up Boss!

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