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New Action Plan Steps

In order to enable you to automate more of your time-consuming workflows, we just released 7 new options for steps in your action plans:

This update allows you to automate the repetitive handling of stage changes, tagging, and the assignment of collaborators to contacts.

Here are a just few scenarios you can use these new additions for:

  • Automatically move a contact to an ‘Inactive’ stage if they don’t engage after a drip campaign completes
  • Automatically tag a lead with ‘No Action Plan’ at the end of an action plan so you can easily see who you need to add a new follow up plan for
  • Automatically add an admin as a collaborator on a contact on your transaction-related action plans

These ideas are just scratching the surface. Head over to the Action Plans section of your account to get started adding these new options to your Action Plans.

New Action Plans

We also wanted to make it a whole lot easier for you to get started with these new features and so we’ve also just added 5 new action plans, 6 new text message templates and 13 new email templates to your Follow Up Boss account.

These campaigns are built based on our experience helping thousands of agents and teams start more conversations with their leads and clients.

We’ve added campaigns for:

  • Buyer long term nurture
  • Seller – Home Evaluation Requests
  • Facebook Lead Ads
  • Open House Leads
  • Post-Closing Follow Up Plans

You can see these in the Action Plans section of your account as well.

And don’t forget – if you need more content and ideas, you have direct access to the Action Plan Sharing Library – a collection of the top performing campaigns shared by a number of generous Follow Up Boss customers!

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