November 2017 Feature Roundup

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This month’s update is focused on a lot of tweaks and improvements to the system that will allow it to continue running faster, on top of some new additions to reporting and lead alerts, and improvements to the dotloop integration.

We also got the footage back from a couple of our chats with Follow Up Boss customers in Austin and our amazing team member Paul (who apparently has no end to his talents) spun them up into bite-sized clips of how FUB is having an impact on their businesses. Check em out!

New Features

Lead filter in reporting

The agent activity and lead sources report can now be filtered by lead import type. Until now the lead count only included leads added by the API or inbox lead processing. We call these types ‘Web leads’. Leads added manually or from CSV import were excluded. Now you can choose between ‘Web leads’, ‘Manual leads’ and ‘All leads’.

New Lead Alerts!

We have added Lead Alert notifications!

If a lead you’re assigned on made a new inquiry, we were already sending you an email to notify you of these inquiries — but now we’ll also be notifying you via a text message and a browser notification.

For admins who have “Notify about all new inquiries in Follow Up Boss” enabled you will also receive these new notifications.

ps. If you feel you’re receiving too many notifications with these changes, please let us know at, we’ll be able to turn off the new notifications for you.


Dotloop Improvements

  • Users can now choose a dotloop profile when creating a loop
  • We will add participants when creating a loop, which means both the people and users associated with the deal will automatically be added to the new loop

FUB2 Colors Update

We have made the colors across our application more consistent. No functional changes were made, this was primarily a cleanup of our existing color pallet.

Enabled compression; faster page loads

We have enabled data compression when sending data to the browser. On the primary pages, we are seeing that we send around 80% less data to the browser, which makes for quicker download times, which in turn gets the data to you quicker.


Action Plan emails/texts in Agent Activity Report

We recognized that some changes we made a while back for action plans emails showing in the timeline caused some ill-effects in reporting.

Action plan emails and texts were being counted in the agent activity report. This was never meant to be and has now been fixed.

FUB2: Website activity not showing for certain Chrome browsers

There was a very weird bug where the Website activity was not showing in some some chrome browsers. This has been resolved.

Filter deals by agent

Last week we released an update to improve the overall speed of the site related to deals. That caused a bug for filtering deals by agents. This is now fixed.

Multiple bug fixes

  • When editing Action Plan, changing action to “Create Task” deactivated Save button, this is now fixed
  • When sending email from a template, merge fields related to assigned agent e.g. %agent_name% were merged using current user’s details instead of assigned agent’s details, this is now fixed
  • Customers who cancelled their account before and then came back on a free trial had problems with texting due to FUB company number disappearing, this is now fixed
  • Now we always send new user invite and password reset emails even if email address bounced before

FUB2: Fix for Chrome Extensions

There were some chrome extensions that were causing FUB to crash. We have fixed this issue. We have also released a 500 error page, that way you should no longer get a blank screen if something were to crash.

Update Nov 27: Found a few more instances where Google Voice would cause FUB2 to crash.

FUB2: Call bar phone number fix

There were some rare cases where you wouldn’t always see the users’ phone number. This has been resolved.

FUB2 Various Bug Fixes

We have released several bug fixes:

  • Corrected link for step 3 on the Mailchimp integrations page.
  • A slew of various bug/stability fixes
  • Chrome v62 caused the search box to be styled incorrectly, this is fixed.
  • Search bug when pasting in long text into the search box.
  • Fixed some colors on the import process.

Action plan emails do not count toward Last Communication or Last Sent Email

Action plan emails are not to be counted toward “Last Communication” and “Last Sent Email” columns. This was incorrectly happening and has now been fixed. Those columns are reserved for explicit communication done by the agent.

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