November 2018 Product Updates

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Here’s a quick rundown on everything the team released this month.

A few things you can’t see are the continued improvements we’re making to our servers and the way the system handles our highest volume activities to continue making it faster for you, as well as continued investment in our security protocols and infrastructure to ensure your data is locked up tight.

New Features

iPhone Website & Email Activity

In version 2.5.1 of our iPhone app, we are now showing recent activity from your website, and also recent email activity. This has been a heavily requested feature since these events and activity are huge opportunities to engage your contacts and so now you can leverage this info to prioritize your follow ups when you’re on the go:



As part of this update, we’ve also added a few new inquiry tyes to the bottom of the person screen in the app. We now show not only Registration and Property Inquiry events, but also General Inquiry, Seller Inquiry, and Visited Open House:


Website Activities

Each person screen will show a summarized version of the contact’s website activity in the Activity row, showing the number of views and saves for properties:

Lead Eb.png

And the new row just below Activity shows you the source webpage if available.

Tapping the Activity row brings up a list of website activities for that lead, like Saved Property, Viewed Property, and Viewed Page:


Event Details

You can tap any row for more details:


From here you can get directions to the property and see more details.

You can also pinch and scroll the map to see other properties this lead has shown interest in, and tap any red circle to see details on that property. You can see below two different leads, one who is shopping mainly south of the city, while the other is also considering the northeast side:


Mentions for Notes

This was another big request – the ability to use our Mentions feature in the mobile app. Just tap @ or the @mention button, tap the first few characters and scroll the pop-up list to find the team member to notify:



Clearer voicemail message recording

We have improved the way you record voicemail greetings in Follow Up Boss for customers with our calling add-on. In an effort to get a crisp, clear voicemail greeting, instead of dialing a mobile phone, we are now using the in-app dialer to record your message. If your voicemail recording sounds like you were driving through a tunnel, you will want to head over to “My Settings” page (option under your username/initials upper right) and record a new greeting using your headset or microphone.


Along with better recordings, we have also upgraded our automated voice responses (Text-To-Speech) to a more human sounding voice. -> ‍

As always, we are working hard to deliver a great product to help you accomplish your goals. If you have any suggestions for us use the ‘Give Feedback’ option under your username in Follow Up Boss.

Appointments set reporting

For tracking when appointments are created, we added an “Appointments Set” column in reporting.

Appointments Set.png

You will find this new information under “Reporting” > “Agent Activity” within the Follow Up Boss web application. This new metric will display the number of appointments created by an agent for the given time period. Note that this value is the creation time and not the scheduled time, and it also is for the person creating the appointment not the attendees. For example, if an ISA schedules an appointment today for a client and our top agent to meet next week, the “Appointment Set” column will show a 1 for the ISA in this weeks activity.

This “Appointments Set” number is also clickable, and if clicked, will take you to a list of people these appointments are scheduled with. We hope this helps in cases where you would like to track how many appointments your ISAs or agents have scheduled.

Open up deleting Files permissions

We have opened up deleting of files to anyone who has access to the person or the deal.

Previously we only allowed the creator of the file to delete the file. Since these files should be managed by the people who have access to these items, it was decided to open this up.


iPhone app: v2.5.2

Bug fixes:

  • After claiming a lead, a crash would occur
  • Unclaimed leads would appear to be claimed after scrolling
  • URLs in notes could not be tapped

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